Food truly is something magical that brings us together. According to the Deliveroo for Work Survey, which details how the pandemic has impacted workplace arrangements and employee preferences in terms of company benefits across Hong Kong, daily meal allowances turns out to be the top employee benefit with close to 90 percent of employees stating that this is what motivates them to be more productive over other benefits.

Unfortunately, up to half of the respondents always stated that food options that are provided by their company are often ‘uninspiring’ or unsatisfying. On the other hand, over 65 percent of employees agreed that meal allowances provide them with an excuse to mingle and bond with colleagues. One-third of employees said their company always offers subsidies for meals while working in the office, but less than 13 percent offer subsidies when working from home.

Employee interest in more diverse food options also seem to be high. However, many employees mentioned that companies need to be more creative with their food benefits offered.

Coffee (67 percent), Fruits (49 percent), Soft Drinks (46 percent), Biscuits (46 percent), and Chocolate/Candies (43 percent) are employees’ top five preferred food items regularly available in the office pantry. It was also found that sushi and tea, along with juice and pizza, are all highly favored workplace food options among 37 percent of those surveyed.

While up to 43 percent of employees would be happy to receive an extra day of annual leave as a small reward for their efforts, up to 34 percent actually showed more preference towards receiving food, grocery gift cards or electronic gift cards instead. As a result of the pandemic, it comes as no surprise that dine-in gift vouchers were far less popular among employees compared to delivery discounts and grocery gift cards.


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