A recent report by employee recognition company O.C. Tanner has revealed some interesting statistics about employee-employer relations. Due to a drastic plunge in employee-employer communications as a result of the pandemic, approximately one in three employees are now feeling more disconnected than ever from their leadership teams. The report, which analyzed the responses of over 38,000 employees across 21 nations, have found that 45% of employees said the amount of interaction they had with colleagues in the past year has dropped significantly. Up to 57% of them reported engaging in fewer activities.

According to the research, employees will slowly see collaboration, work performance, and wellbeing decrease as long as there are no opportunities for them to connect with leaders and colleagues. It also notes that the potential for burnout will drastically rise as well.

The report also mentions how employees feel misaligned on the purpose of their work as team connections weaken and decay. As a result, they are found to be more likely to quit their jobs. in order to avoid fragmentation of the workforce, organizations are highly advised to take steps towards ensuring the best possible employee experience through creating and maintaining strong connections.

In addition to lesser work interactions, one of three employees surveyed said they feel disconnected from their bosses. It was noted that employees who stay well connected with their managers are up to at least 11 times more likely to stay on with the company for another year, a drastic improvement. However, the opposite is also true. Employees who are disconnected were found to be up 6 times as likely to leave the organization.


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