The US-based retail juggernaut, Amazon, has recently announced a highly aggressive recruitment plan. In an interview with Reuters, Chief Executive Andy Jassy said that plans are in the works for the company to begin a massive hiring spree, with the intention to recruit about 55,000 people for corporate and tech roles globally in the months to come.

With the massive rise in online retail and delivery due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company needs all the manpower it can get to keep up with demand in retail, the cloud and advertising, among other businesses. The new hires would represent around a 20 percent increase in Amazon’s tech and corporate staff, who currently number around 275,000 globally.

Out of all the jobs announced, up to 40,000 will be available within the United States. The remainder will be open to applicants in countries such as India, Germany and Japan. Among the positions Amazon is offering includes engineering, research science and robotics roles. According to the interview, most of these jobs are brand new, rather than being vacated roles.

Amazon is also set to hold an annual job on 15 September. The pandemic has caused a massive paradigm shift with regards to jobs and recruitment. Many professionals are now eager to look for new opportunities and jobs. Those that have been furloughed are also ready to take on new roles at different companies. Additionally, businesses that had to let go of some of their workforce are now looking to refill vacated positions.

The career fair will be global. That’s after Amazon saw 22,000 people tune in last year from India, among other locales outside the United States.


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