When applying for a job, there are many ways to customize your resume. You can check the listing to see where the employer’s preferences are in terms of experience, and be sure to check out what’s most important to them, for example. You can include any major achievements, such as exceeding sales goals. And you can include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Skills It’s important to include your soft skills, say a group of career experts. “The overwhelming majority of 93% of employers,” said ZipRecruiter co-founder and CEO Ian Siegel for the company’s recent report The Job Market Outlook for “Soft skills play a key role in their decision of who they want to hire.” Huh.” grade.

Soft skills include a wide range of abilities. “I would say, in general, communication is very high on that list, considering how people are operating in very different, hybrid situations,” says Kristin Kelly, chief marketing officer at CareerBuilder, as an example. Huh.
ZipRecruiter compiles some of the most in-demand soft skills on its platform. Here are the top skills on that list, including the number of jobs on the site listing the skill as a requirement.

Communication skills: Number of jobs listing the skill: 6.1 million
Customer service: Number of jobs listing skills: 5.5 million
Determination: Number of jobs listing skills: 5 million
Time management skills: Number of jobs listing skills: 3.6 million
Project Management: Number of jobs listing skills: 2.8 million
Analytical thinking: Number of jobs listing skills: 2.7 million
Ability to work independently: Number of jobs listing skills: 2 million
FLEXIBILITY: Number of jobs listing the skill: 1.3 million

When it comes to the importance of communication, in part, as Kelly says, it is the result of new remote and hybrid work arrangements that rely heavily on technology. She says as an example, “How you respond to someone who sent you an email” matters. “Reply to them in 24 hours formally.” The importance of communication is also a result of the recent diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives of various companies.

“To be a diverse and inclusive employer,” says Georgine Huang, co-founder and CEO of Fairygodboss, “you have to work with all kinds of people, which means you have to communicate effectively with all kinds of people.” Should be able to.”

When it comes to scheduling and time management, “no matter what your role, if you can’t organize your time,” you can’t be effective, she says.

Ultimately, when it comes to flexibility, “people really need to be able to turn left, turn right at once, join Zoom, be able to manage their own instant messages that come in,” says Kelly. it is said. There is an element of spontaneity with multitasking and being able to switch what you are doing at a moment’s notice which has increased since the pandemic and so many people continue to work from home.

Include your soft skills by giving concrete examples of how you’ve used them in your resume intro or bullets under your job description.

Brian Neeley, BusinessNews



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