Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has been evolving at an incredibly rapid pace. The Fourth Industrial Revolution was in full swing, shifting the paradigms and laying the foundations for massive changes within the global business ecosystem. Covid-19 did not hinder this change, it simply accelerated it. In fact, things are changing so fast that we are actually struggling to keep up.

Automation, digital technology, working from home, just some of the major shifts in our society that have become noticeable in the past decade or so. While 2020 has not always been great for many, it has also shown a lot of promise for a few reasons.

With the dismal year coming to a close, a new year can mean a fresh new start for many of us. As long as we remain open to the possibilities and opportunities that are currently out there, great change is most certainly in sight. Some of these opportunities can include new potential career choices to expand your horizons, become more financially independent, or simply be happier with a new work-life.

Human Resources

HR has seen one of the most dramatic shifts thanks the Covid-19 pandemic. HR professionals need to work even harder to ensure that the workplace is kinder and safer. As the workplace grows, there need to be individuals who can make sure that everyone’s voice is heard so that no one feels out of place. With employees being a key priority during this time, demand for empathetic and efficient HR professionals is skyrocketing.

Information Security

Over the past few years, information security has gained significant attention from consumers and the media. Technology and social medio has become so ingrained in our daily lives that our personal information has very much become target for malicious actors. Especially with the pandemic accelerating digital adoption and the growing popularity cashless payments, keeping our information secure has become one of our top priorities. As such, IT security professionals who can develop and implement strategies and security preventative measures to keep sensitive data and information safe are considered premium for any company.

Data Analyst

Digital technology is clearly one of the primary themes here for future job growth, and it is no surprise that the need for those smart enough to read raw data would be an integral part of society’s future. Today, pretty much every field and industry requires data specialists. The ability to spot trends and patterns in a consumer’s spending behaviour is paramount to success in an increasingly online world. Personalisation is proven to be a highly successful model, and such personalisation can only be achieved through rigorous examination of customer data and preferences. As such, this is a career with a huge upside in 2021.

Environmental Scientist

While the future of business lies with digital and computers, it is just as important to look around and appreciate the natural world while we still can. It is undeniable that we are currently living and unsustainable lifestyle. There is a huge push for people to study and understand the science of our natural world so we can better the planet. Environmental scientists are not afraid to get their hands dirty in the pursuit of research and the betterment of the environment. This is a tough job to get into because of the expectations, but it plays an important role in our planet’s future, which makes it worth the effort.


The job of the electrician has never really gone out of style. Still, the best part is that it is only growing because of our need for more reliable technicians due to our increased dependence on electricity. Our over reliance on electronics is such that if there ever is a shortage of electricians, entire industries could potentially grind to a halt for extended periods of time. The more we move towards electrical power and equipment, the bigger the need for this career.


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