Not everything can be changed, but things will never change if we don’t try to change them. Reflection and reviews area fantastic way for people to grow. When we look back at what we have achieved, and how we have failed, solutions tend to seem more obvious in hindsight. As such, looking back is an effective tool in helping us face what needs to be changed. Here are several reflections that HR should keep in mind in the year to come:

Taking More Action in DEI
Both 2020 and 2021 were years that were defined by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, they were also shaped by a growing movement towards greater diversity and equality within businesses. However, as 2021 came to a close, interest on the topic seems to have waned, and it seems like most are moving on to focus on other issues, such as employee retention amidst the ‘Great Resignation’. DEI is an ongoing process that is never done. In fact, it is of paramount importance to the talents of Generation Z, who expects open communication on DEI.

Listen to the Employees
As mentioned previously, 2021 saw the dawn of the ‘Great Resignation’, an unprecedented exodus of talent as many professionals left their jobs for better opportunities, with some even leaving the workforce permanently. The exodus was driven by a search for greater happiness and satisfaction, along with growing frustrations with their companies and the pandemic. As such, happiness and engagement will be a huge talking point moving into 2022, and employers who are more attuned to these issues will likely come out on top.

Re-thinking the Employee Experience
If it has not been made obvious already, but employee engagement is of the utmost importance, especially in 2022. According to a study by Gallup, low engagement can cost the global economy up to a mind-boggling US$8.1 trillion. The ongoing pandemic has complicated the employee engagement issue even further as now everyone has to deal with massive personal problems as well. It will be up to leaders, HR or otherwise, to lead by example, actively sharing and speaking up to acknowledge the toll the past few years have had. Now is the time to build connection that will last.

Re-visit HR
The pandemic has accelerated the evolution of many business processes, especially those of the HR functions. HR is now a far cry from what it was a decade ago. HR leaders have to be all-encompassing in approach and doing so will require greater sophistication to deal with the challenges and intricacies that have been brought about by the pandemic. HR must think about the entire employment life cycle of attracting, hiring, onboarding, engaging, progression, and retaining staff equally from full-time employees to contractors.


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