Germany is easing regulations for foreign skilled professionals who can begin working in the country sooner according to reports.

Before starting employment in regulated professions, a formal recognition of professional qualifications is required in Germany.

For regulated professions, for example in the healthcare sector, a formal recognition of professional qualifications is required before taking up employment.

However, skilled professionals in countries outside the EU can now partner with employers to launch the recognition procedure upon arrival in Germany.

This is called a recognition partnership. In this way, foreign skilled professionals can start to work in Germany sooner.

From March 1, 2024, new rules are in place for people from non-EU countries who are coming to Germany seeking the recognition of their qualifications and for students and apprentices.

Skilled professionals with qualifications and work experience can now enter Germany and work here without having completed a prior recognition procedure.

The employer and prospective employee are required to initiate, complete, and support the recognition procedure upon the foreign professional’s arrival in Germany.

The minimum requirements for a recognition partnership are two years of training or a university degree as well as German language skills (proficiency level A2).

Further, residence regulations for foreign professional qualifications are being simplified, including the relaxation of rules for second jobs and an extension of stay duration to three years.

It was stated that as of March 1, 2024, persons with work experience in a non-regulated profession can now enter Germany and take up employment without having to seek formal recognition.

These professions include, for example, all dual-training occupations. All that is needed is evidence of professional or university qualifications that meet specific requirements.

Employers, in turn, must provide a concrete job offer and a certain minimum level of pay. – Financial Express


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