Date: 30 April 2019

Time: 2pm – 5pm

Admission Fee: RM 120

Venue: Astoria Ampang Sales Gallery

  • Are you struggling to attract top talents into your company, especially the younger generations?
  • Are you having problems understanding and fulfilling their needs in your workforce, which could be their greatest motivation in driving your company forward?
  • Or are you having problems retaining the finest talents of your company?

If you are still struggling with some of these problems, guess what? The millennial wave is over! We believe that the Gen Z will  be your organization’s “Next Big Thing”!

Here’s why. According to Bloomberg, Gen Z is set to outnumber millennials within a year! And with such huge job opportunities in the market, young talents no longer choose job solely based on salaries, but also on other factors such as personal growth, career advancement and job fulfilment.

This is why we would love to invite you for a Golden Opportunity to understand your young talents even more!

Thriving Talents is bringing to you the Trendsetter HR Forum, where we gather Experts and Leaders from the HR industry to share key insights and strategies to help your company gain a competitive edge in this ever-changing era.

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