For years experts in the HR field has not found a clear cut definition of ‘employee engagement’ yet the subject remains as one of the most importance discussion in the HR department of any organizations.

At the 2016 Talent Ecosystem Conference (TEC), we want to foster an effective communication and engagement between all stakeholders in the ecosystem, not just the HR people. TEC 2016 is a unique event as the participants will be experiencing total engagement of the conference. Leveraging on the latest technology, the participants will get a first-hand experience of ‘people engagement gamification’.

Rather than using the term ‘employee engagement’ which focuses on a one-way engagement between the employees and the organizations, TEC emphasis on a multiway engagement between the employees, the colleagues and the organizations.

To experience ‘people engagement gamification,’ TEC 2016 participants will be enrolled in a TEC Mobile App 45 days prior to the conference. This distinctive app uses gamification element to nurture engagement, facilitate real-time collaboration and promote feedback among the participants.

An example of how the app works is that the TEC early birds participants will automatically unlock an ‘early bird’ badge and points as a reward for their enthusiasm. At the end of the conference, participants with the highest accumulated points and most unlocked badges will receive prizes including gadgets, holiday package and much more!

To encourage real-time collaboration and feedback, the app also features online polls regarding HR related issues that participants can partake prior to and during TEC. The data collected will be analyzed and can be used as a case study on people management. The case study would be a reliable resource as the data collected are from HR professionals in Malaysia.

Join TEC 2016 now to get a whole new experience of people engagement gamification.

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