Saturday, December 2, 2023

Founded in 1941, Coach is a leading design house of modern luxury accessories and lifestyle collections, with a long-standing reputation built on quality craftsmanship. Defined by a free-spirited, all-American attitude, the brand approaches design with a modern vision, reimagining luxury for today with an authenticity and innovation that is uniquely Coach. All over the world, the Coach name is synonymous with effortless New York style. For over 75 years, Coach has inspired the dreamer in all of us. As we write our next chapter, we are building on our heritage of craftsmanship and confident New York style to deliver a complete lifestyle brand for modern lives.

A member of the Tapestry family, we are part of a global house of brands that embrace the exploration of individuality. We believe that true luxury is a freedom of expression that ignites confidence and authenticity.

There is no limit to our ability to become the trend leader creating happiness and passion all around us

We are Optimistic … we believe that with hard work and determination anything is possible. We foster and create opportunities for success and growth in everything that we do.

We are Innovative … we believe in the power of individual and collective creativity and imagination! Our inquisitive approach enables us to create new ways of thinking that inspires the world around us.

We are Inclusive … we warmly welcome all people, embracing our differences and inviting a diversity of perspectives. We believe there are no limitations on what you can achieve because of nationality, religion, race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

Talent Development is the framework for helping employees develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities, which in turn improves our organization’s effectiveness. It is a key way to attract and retain talent within the organization. In Coach Korea, in order to maximize the effect of learning and development, we offer various training programs and workshops, both within and outside of the workplace environment.

When it comes to internal training, The Korean HR Team has rolled out The Common Thread Program, which is a two-year leadership program, in addition to the Tapestry competency workshop. We conduct team effectiveness workshops using ‘DISC tool’, HR, and RT&D roadshows. The HR Team facilitates sessions with the RT&D Team to leverage internal resources.

The KR Leadership Team does an offsite workshop every year. At the most recent workshop, we developed a vision statement for the Korea Team, which states “There is no limit to our ability to become the trend leader, creating happiness and passion all around us.”

After conducting a talent review at all levels, we analyzed data in order to discern common development areas for each level and set up external training to help employees move forward smoothly to the next level. For instance, strategic thinking training was provided to the management level staff.

The most commonly cited reasons for leaving a job are related to employee engagement. In other words, an employee’s engagement level could be used to predict whether he/she would stay with the company. In FY20, our turnover rate for both corporate and field positions was well controlled, which means that we target a turnover rate which is less than the market average of 25%.

To maintain these statistics, we conduct an engagement survey by asking questions to all employees and discussing actionable plans. With the survey, we develop Rookie Award for employees who had joined the company within the previous 12 months and had high performance levels. Furthermore, we promote a Coach Expectation Model by offering diversified recognition awards like employee of the year, Lew Frankford Awards, and million dollar club for top sellers in the field. We have thank you card winners for those who receive 2 recognition message cards in the same month.

According to the latest result of our Employee Engagement survey, 80% of employees were satisfied with their jobs. That compares favorably to last year’s 67%. We would like to get recognition from not only internal clients, but also employees, potential employment candidates, and retail industry-related stakeholders so that people consider the company one of the best workplaces in Korea.

The first thing we enhanced was publishing the “Tapestry (Coach and Stuart Weitzman) super webpage” on Job Korea, which is the number 1 recruiting site in Korea. We share our values, benefits and corporate culture using various clips of staff interview articles and a company PR video.

In December 2019, Coach Korea was recognized as a “Best Family Friendly Management” by the Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF). The certification is given by the MOGEF after assessing companies and public institutions on their efforts related to child birth planning, child care support, flexible work arrangements and familyfriendly workplace culture. Coach Korea is committed to providing an engaging and inclusive work environment where our people feel proud to work for a socially responsible company.

From an employee career development perspective, we provide internal development opportunities through internal promotions, transfers across channels and brands, and new and significant projects or assignments.

In both corporate and field side, 70% of our leadership team members are promoted internally. By choosing to promote internally, we have become very adept at recognizing and developing our team members’ talents. We strive to work with staff members to equip them with the right skillsets, knowledge and experiences by offering appropriate development programs and other relevant opportunities.

In terms of internal mobility, staff members in both corporate and store sides have been able to move to other places, as well. Over the last 3 years, the Korea marketing director moved to Japan as the local head of marketing there. The VM production manager was also transferred to Singapore, where she is responsible for handling Southeast Asian markets and ANZ markets. On the store side, one of our highly talented Korea duty free workers went to Japan’s Gotenba Outlet for a short-term assignment and she earned a promotion from Assistant Store Manager to Store Manager as recognition for her successful assignment.

Within the Korea market, we try to make as many as cases for talent exchanges on the corporate side. This allows workers to move between KD and KDF, Stores and the corporate offices.