Saturday, December 2, 2023

Zuellig Pharma is one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia and our purpose is to make healthcare more accessible. In Asia, we provide world-class distribution, commercial solutions, patient care, clinic reach, data analytics, pharmacy channel and payor services to support the growing healthcare needs in this region.

The company started almost a hundred years ago and has grown to become a US$ 13 billion business covering 13 markets with 13,000 employees. We serve over 350,000 medical facilities and work with more than 1,000 clients, including the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Entered market in 1994, established entity in 1999, Zuellig Pharma Vietnam is currently regarded as the leading healthcare service provider in Vietnam, employing a total of 1200 staff. Our strongest segment is commercial solutions which is growing quickly and has ranked among top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam.

Zuellig Pharma employees are the force behind our business success. Through various focus groups and the Employee Opinion Survey results, we know that our employees are here because they are passionate and believe in our mission to make healthcare more accessible.
By driving “Sustainable Engagement”, we continuously ENGAGE, ENABLE, ENERGIZE our colleagues to be the best of themselves at work every day, so that we only deliver the best services and solutions to our clients.

Our reputation as a partner that values quality and conducts itself with integrity has been the cornerstones to our success. At Zuellig Pharma, our employees can feel safe and proud to work as our Code of Conduct ensures a culture of openness with the highest standards of probity and accountability through a ‘Speak Up’ policy. We have also designed channels to ensure that employees raise serious concerns without fear of retaliation, discrimination or any forms of harassment.

Our employees can find meaning through the work we do with our corporate social responsibility. Since April 2017, Zuellig Pharma Vietnam, in cooperation with Ministry of Health, World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund, has funded a US$600,000 project to expand access of vaccines in remote regions across Vietnam using eZCooler packaging. We also appreciate diversity in our workforce, because we believe anyone can be empowered to bring their unique talents and diverse perspectives into creating values for the business, regardless of their gender, age, origin, nationality, education, physical abilities and so on. Our efforts focus not only on ensuring non-biased hiring and recruitment but also on building an inclusive internal working environment based on respect and mutual understanding. Our workforce is gender-balanced with women accounted for 49% of total employees, and 51% of middle and senior management levels.

We understand that human relationships are what makes people engage in the workplace. Various initiatives such as Women’s Day, Monthly Happy Hour, Company Team Building trips, Staff Party, numerous celebrations, internal contests and events to promote joy and bonding have made this place a second home to many staff where colleagues also turn friends. Where people engage, they stay. In 2018 only, 108 employees were rewarded Long Service Award that marked 5-year journey with us, among many other colleagues whose tenures are ranging from 10 to 20 years at Zuellig Pharma Vietnam.

In pursuing our mission, we encourage everyone to be the best of themselves. Our performance management system provides a comprehensive framework that sets stretching goals and rewards differentiated performance. Continuous feedback and on-the-job coaching are a valuable source to enable our staff grow their skills and competencies every day.

We believe in managing careers, not jobs. Through our Zuellig Pharma Mobility Programme, we work with our talents to successfully place them in roles that give them exposure to other countries, functions and business units.

Besides providing the right exposure, key talents and leaders are the focus of our learning and development strategy as we believe effective people managers would bring the best out of our people. In-house trainings on coaching skills, team collaboration, leading performance are only a part of our intensive agenda to build people management competencies.

Our signature region-wide programs such as Young Talent and Advanced Management Programmes (in collaboration with prestige Singapore Management University) create opportunities for employees to be mentored by Executive team members and Department Heads. We also offer an Employee Development Sponsorship Programme that provides financial support for employees to pursue training or part-time courses of their choice.

At the same time we challenge our employees to be their best at work, we take efforts through our rewards, recognition and culture agenda to ensure our staff remain energized at the end of the day. At Zuellig Pharma Vietnam, our Compensation and Benefits for all levels are continuously reviewed and benchmarked with market on all components: Base Salary, Incentive and Bonus, Allowances and other non-cash benefits that addressing the various needs of our employees. We continuously create and improve our benefit programs ranging from insurance, annual health check-up, generous leave polices to upgrading office facilities and delivering employee gifts in special events such as Women’s Day or New Year. Our yearly Football tournament and other sport clubs refresh our staff’s energy and lead us towards a more work-life balance lifestyle.

We also ensure that the company recognizes each and every contribution, big or small. Individual and team’s excellent performance and value demonstration are proudly nominated, calibrated and rewarded through our Annual Recognition Program so their best practices are recognized and shared.


  • Cao Thi Van – HR Director “For Zuellig Pharma, I believe our appeal is not about salary or benefits per se; instead, it is a place where we do our best to help our people feel enabled, energized and engaged. Zuellig Pharma is also a place that provides a meaningful purpose to the work that each of us does, where we can really see ourselves contributing to society through our Mission, “Making Healthcare More Accessible”. It is these elements that collectively help make Zuellig Pharma the Best Place to Work.”
  • Meliti Karim, CFO: In our competitive environment, Zuellig Pharma’s energy comes from its dynamic and collaborative employees all focused on the leitmotif of our Mission, “Making Healthcare More Accessible”. Zuellig Pharma enables each of us to fully use our collective knowledge and experience to better ourselves; we are a true family that overcomes any obstacles in our quest for the common good.
  • Le Thi Ngoc Tram – Business Unit Manager “If you are looking for an MBA course, Zuellig Pharma may be the best MBA case study you ever worked in. Working at Commercial Solutions department in Zuellig Pharma truly allows me to explore the limitless business opportunities and bring the best, innovative healthcare solutions to Vietnam.”