Saturday, December 2, 2023

Viet Thai International (VTI) is an established market leader in the Consumers industry in Vietnam. We are a leading multi-brand Vietnamese retailer with hundreds of outlets in Vietnam and South East Asia and the number one Vietnamese restaurant chain group. We are dedicated to champion Vietnam, South-East Asia, and Asia! The company provides a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding work environment. We also strive to ensure that we provide a healthy and sustainable work-life balance. Our employees’ engagement and satisfaction is the foundation of our organization.

Since its inception, the founder, Mr. David Thai wanted to create a company that would be based on entrepreneurship, ownership, resilience, dedication, and excellence to last for generations to come.

“One day I will write a book about our success and each of you can decide the chapter you want me to write about yourself. The legacy you are creating with VTI is your legacy, it is a lifetime opportunity to accomplish something that will last forever” – Mr. David Thai

It is with a strong desire to build a world class organization that we embrace the founder’s value system everyday of Care, Trust, Excellence, and Innovation.

We appreciate diversity in our businesses and people. As being important in our businesses to deliver superior customers’ experience, it is as important to ensure we provide superior employees’ experience thought-out the organization. Our employees are the ones facing our customers every day and we care about them. In such, we are making a constant effort to improve our physical environment as well as our various engagement and lifestyle programs to create a great workplace. We want to create communities within the organization that goes beyond work.

Learning and development has been an essential pillar for VTI over the years to get to where we are today and sustain our growth. All our training centers and team of trainers across the organization have contributed to encourage our employees can perform in their current role while acquiring what they need for their future role. As the proof of this, one of VTI first employees is now on the board of directors of the company, which partly shows that everybody at VTI has the chance to be fully developed in reaching the utmost limit of their potential.

Bring your best out!

Everyone is unique. Working at VTI, you are encouraged to unlock your potential and we will do all we can to support and help you to become the best you can be. We are open-minded, creative, and adventurous. We embrace and drive change and use continuous improvement and continuous learning to make progress.

The founder’s benevolence nature has set the stage to create a comprehensive and complete total reward system for the entire organization. It is designed for ALL grades of the organization to keep improving the lives of our employees and their families.