Entered Vietnam market since 1993, Shinhan Bank, after 26 years of operation, has expanded its network across provinces and cities with 32 branches and transaction offices. Shinhan has become the foreign bank holding the largest network in Vietnam.

To achieve these outstanding achievements, Shinhan Bank always takes the goal of building strong human resources as its guideline in a comprehensive development strategy. Thanks to this, many employees have reached their full potential and hold key positions at the bank today.

With the desire to create the best working environment for the employees, all internal activities of the bank are dedicated to developing and improving the quality of spiritual life for each employee while building solidarity and strength for the team. Built on the teamwork spirit and collaborative environment, Shinhan Bank has become the second home of its employees and foundation for higher success of each Shinhan member.

Amazing Journey is the one that is mostly expected by all Shinhan Bank employees. Being called “4 Poles & 1 Peak”, 2018 journey offered employees opportunities to experience challenging and really interesting trekking trips and discover themselves. This programme is also a chance for Shinhan to build a strong humanity and solidarity for its team across the country, from the North to South. And in 2019, Shinhan Bank has started a journey to discover four new beautiful places of Vietnam with the message of “Beautiful Vietnam, Happy Shinhan”.

Happy Day is recognized a good traditional day of Shinhan Bank staff, held in every Friday morning. The Shinhan Library encourages Shinhan employees to learn and improve their own skills through reading. We also have other internal activities like Shinhan News, Shinhan Times and Shinhan Radio to bring all Shinhan members closer and closer to each other.

Apart from creating an ideal working environment, Shinhan Bank also focuses on training and professional development for its staff. Internal competitions have been regularly organized at Shinhan, where staff have chances to show their talents. The periodic training programs are also designed to help each individual to improve their professional skills and soft skills for better work and life.

Shinhan Way is one of the largest-scale corporate culture training programs during the year at Shinhan. This program provides all employees the opportunity to understand the teamwork culture, business principals, vision and mission of the bank. Through this activity, Shinhan has created a united and solid team.

Shinhan Future Generation (SFG) is a recruitment program of Shinhan Bank, dedicated to active young people who dare to challenge themselves. SFG offers the opportunity to learn from experiences and improve skills in the most comprehensive way for the involved young people.

One of the priorities of Shinhan Bank is to bring satisfaction to its customers. Therefore, the bank has quarterly Customer Satisfaction courses to train new employees about customer service skills to bring better services to our customers everyday.

Sharing culture is considered one of the cultural beauty at Shinhan. Every Shinhan employee has a mission to share good values with the community through meaningful volunteer activities. Working at Shinhan, each employee has the chance to not only create value to himself, but also bring values to community and society.

Happy Meals and Bike Run are two of the voluntary activities that share humanity values, held annually by Shinhan Bank. Shinhan staff, through this program, brought nearly 6,000 meals to disadvantaged people and offered more than 400 bicycles to underprivileged students to help them overcome difficulties in all provinces and cities across the country.

Retaining talent is recognized by Shinhan Bank as an important part in its labor force development strategy. Therefore, Shinhan Bank always focuses on developing remuneration and recognition policies that embrace its talents with excellent performance.

APAC (Annual Performance Award Ceremony) is an annual event held by Shinhan Bank, which is an opportunity for all Shinhan family members to gather and look back on the journey of their ups and downs, celebrate and reward the devoted efforts of individuals with outstanding achievements during the year with valuable gifts.

Olympic Day is an annual sport activity for all of its employees, maintained and promoted by Shinhan since 2012 to now. This is a chance for employees not only to improve their physical health, uphold their talents through their favorite sports but also an event for all employees to meet, talk and share with each other about their life, work and improve the team solidarity.

Shinhan Bank will continue to make it the ideal working environment for its employees with various promotion opportunities and strong solidarity. It will be a place where each employee is always proud to be a member of the leading Korean bank.