Sunday, December 3, 2023

Established 11/2011
With over 200 drugstores across major cities and provinces across the country, Pharmacity is the leading convenience drugstore chain in Vietnam offering genuine and certified products of pharmaceuticals, vitamins and supplements, personal care, and FMCGs… Our products, especially medicines, stand for our commitment to provide customers with only the highest quality under strict compliance of the pharmaceutical preservation conditions as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

Following the vision and mission of the company, over the past 8 years, Pharmacity has always contributed its best to improve the quality of healthcare in society by ensuring not only the quality but also the origin of the products, while continuing to advance the professional knowledge of the Pharmacists.

Besides, the Company also provides a comfortable, modern and professional working environment for all employees. At Pharmacity, to nurture the Company’s values, employees are fully and completely encouraged to develop their abilities, strengths and personalities so that they can work and grow not only in their own professions but also in all other aspects to be a better version of themselves.

With our 5 core values, we take it as a “guideline” for our thoughts, actions and planning directions. We have a strong customer focused culture at Pharmacity that our employees believe in and pursue every day. It is clearly identified through our mission, vision and core values.

Each member of our company makes integral contributions and is working toward a common goal to improve customer’s healthy
Everything we do at our drugstore is focused on three things:
• Putting customer’s healthy first
• Being a great place to work
• Living our core values — Passion, Integrity, Data Driven, Service Culture, Customer Experience

Passion: Enthusiastic and committed in all that we do

Integrity: Truthful – Honest – Honor your word, inform those affected as soon as we realize that we can’t keep our word, be responsible to clean up the broken promise in order to restore workability.

Data Driven: We make purposeful decision fueled by the analysis of internal data, market trends and measured feedback from our customers to drive continuous improvement

Service Culture: We treat our customer with a friendly attitude and strive to resolve their issues as efficiently as possible

Customer Experience: We are committed to WOWing each and every customer

Pharmacity’s culture is result oriented, there is NO POLITICAL allowed according to the direction from CEO, which means the Company focuses on productivity and provides a fair environment for all employees to contribute their best effort towards achieving the same goal.

Pharmacity’s working environment is not only professional and dynamic, but also very open and transparent. Employees are encouraged to challenge themselves, think and contribute as if they are the owner of the company. At Pharmacity, we value the performance of each employee by having a clear KPI measuring system and we surely honor outstanding performances with rewarding recognitions.