Novaland – Leading prestigious real estate developer in Vietnam. Through the last 27 years, Novaland has become the leading prestigious real estate developer in Vietnam, with over 40 residential projects in key locations in Ho Chi Minh City and a diverse range of more than 27,000 products, serving more than 250,000 customers, as well as further expansion into other provinces and cities.

The group now possesses a large land bank covering thousands of hectares to develop housing projects in Ho Chi Minh City, satellite towns, and hospitality real estate projects.

In its next five-year development strategy, Novaland will create excellent destinations for local and international tourists, turning these developments into tourism – hospitality – entertainment centers of the region while contributing to the imprint of Vietnam on the world travel map. These hospitality real estate products would be located in cities with great tourism potential, such as Can Tho, HCMC, Ba Ria – Vung Tau and Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, Cam Ranh – Khanh Hoa, etc. The Group’s objective is to coordinate with professional consultants and international operators to create “excellent destinations” for tourists around the world, to transform these areas into regional centers of tourism – hospitality and recreation.

Recently, Novaland has completed building procedures and systems that meet international standards, orienting toward a working environment of “Efficiency – Integrity – Professionalism”, as well as sustainable and professional development in the global integration era.

With a focus strategy and persistence with established goals, a clear business strategy, stable land bank, strong cash flows, stringent risk management, and compliance with law, Novaland will operate effectively and sustainably to realize the vision of “Novaland is a leading economic group in Real Estate – Finance – Tourism – Infrastructure Development”.

The Group’s CSR agenda focuses on 4 key pillars including Community development, Education, Health care and Philanthropy.

In 2018, Novaland spent nearly VND 76 billion on activities for supporting community with millions of beneficiaries. These activities covered, among other things, social welfare, health care for students and teachers, support for needy people, mitigation of natural disaster impacts, cultural and artistic performance to preserve the national identity of Vietnam, construction of infrastructure such as bridges and schools, charity houses, granting scholarships and donations to poor patients.

With a vision “Novaland is a leading economic group in Real Estate – Finance – Tourism – Infrastructure Development”, Novaland commits to doing business responsibly and to implement the sustainable development strategy in conformity with the Government’s orientation of green growth.

Among infrastructure development programs, we fund for building schools and roads in some districts in HCMC, thereby providing a green and clean-living environment to the community.

In 2018, policies on salary, bonus and welfare continued to be completed, diversified and improved in terms of competitiveness compared to the market benchmarks (top 50 companies in Vietnam). Typically, the bonus policy under the ESOP program demonstrated the management’s care for employees and served to create their long-term relationship to the development of the company.

In 2018, for a healthy life and in order to enhance benefits for mid-level managers, Novaland expanded its scope of health insurance grants to relatives (spouses and children). In particular, the life insurance scheme for supervisory level and above is being finalized. Rather than being limited to the senior management, the new policy ensures equality in the recognition of contributions and loyalty of the employees to the Company. In parallel, current programs and policies such as holiday bonuses, vacation allowance, full payment salary during sick leave, illness visits, social insurance, health check-up, etc. have also been upgraded to higher standards and extended to all working level including those under probation.

In 2018, the Group has more than 27 new Master graduated from Mini MBA courses, jointly organized by NLC Leadership Training Center and FPT School of Business. At the same time, the training programs are also researched and developed according to appropriate groups of subjects such as:

  • Senior Leadership Development Program
  • Potential middle-level Management Development Program (MMDP)
  • Specialized training program for Real Estate Consultants
  • Training program for staff level
  • In response to the transformation of the IT operating system that began to deploy in mid-2018, Office 365 training programs were also held for management and related staff to understand the transport mechanism, new administration and planning the best conversion of each department
  • E-Learning system has also been developed with more than 16 categories of official activities for all employees and continue with other supporting sections

Total training hours in 2018 is 50,950 hours, of which Senior Management is 3,375 hours, Middle Management is 10,534 hours and Staff is 37,041 hours. Accordingly, the target group is the senior management group with 82.33 hours for each person.
In 2019, continuing to improve as well as further upgrade the quality of human resources is the primary task of the Training Center. The main programs are organized as:

  • Update market information, strategic information, business plans, updated codes of conduct and year themes for all existing employees
  • Implementing the training program Orientation integration for new employees
  • Updating and improving specialized training programs for Real Estate Consultants
  • Continue to organize Mini MBA and MMDP for Leadership and Potential Management
  • Deploying a specific training program to foster according to the leadership group, successor group, expert group
  • Maintain other soft skills and courses to enhance specialized knowledge of operational functions such as finance, accounting, securities and design