Saturday, December 2, 2023

BIDV MetLife is a joint venture between MetLife Limited (under MetLife Inc.) and Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV). With more than 100 employees, around 200 Insurance Consultant Specialists, and 3,000 licensed bank staff, BIDV MetLife is providing a comprehensive range of innovative financial, life insurance and benefit solutions distributed through BIDV’s large branch network of over 1,000 distribution points nationwide.

In Vietnam market, BIDV MetLife launched comprehensive solutions focused on happiness of customers with our tagline “Navigating Happiness Together”. In our customer-focused effort, we understand that health and well-being of family are top concerns of Vietnamese people, and happiness means people have good health, bright future of their kids and a happy family. Therefore, we look to accompany customers through the various ups and downs in life, helping them in being financially prepared for all life events.

MetLife has been operating with an innovative mindset in all our markets. At BIDV MetLife, we believe that innovations are made taking the perspective of the customers. For us, innovation is not about using the most disruptive technology – we believe that innovation can come from switching perspectives. We aim to reshape how people interact and think about life insurance. These innovative initiatives aim to tackle everyday problems faced by Vietnamese across health and wealth, making life insurance a daily topic and bringing solutions to customers through more simple & easy ways. We are committed to changing how Vietnamese people engage with life insurance, changing perspectives towards life insurance and our happiness proposition with our products and services in Vietnam.

With over 150 years of experience, MetLife is a leading innovator and a recognized leader in protection planning, retirement and savings solutions around the world. We have established a strong presence in more than 40 countries through organic growth, acquisitions, joint ventures and other partnerships.

MetLife in Asia : Our footprint in Asia started with Bangladesh over 60 years ago. Leveraging on the solid foundation and world-class competencies of MetLife Inc., MetLife in Asia has adopted a nimble approach to each market across the region. In recent years, MetLife advanced its strategy to capitalize on growth opportunities in emerging markets, and further expand its footprint into fast growing and profitable Southeast Asia insurance markets including Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar. Today, MetLife’s Asia operations have already become a significant contributor to MetLife’s global earnings, and that contribution is on track to accelerate. Capitalizing on its global investment and insurance expertise, best-in-class capabilities, and its local business know-how, MetLife is set to create real momentum and growth in the region.

MetLife Foundation was established in 1976 with a mission to improve the financial lives of low-income people around the world by partnering with effective organizations that provide advice and access to high-quality financial services. The lessons that we and our partners learn are shared to continuously improve products and services. Since 2013 MetLife Foundation refocused its grant making toward financial inclusion. To support its mission, the Foundation has committed $200 million over five years to help low-income individuals and families get access to safe and affordable financial products and services.

Since 2013, MetLife Foundation has made USD 5 million in grants in Vietnam that collectively hold the potential to impact more than 300,000 low-income households. BIDV MetLife is proud to be the representative in Vietnam to support our grant partners who are helping low income people and businesses gain access to safe, affordable, and effective financial services such as bank accounts, savings accounts, loans, insurance, pensions and more. Our projects include:

  • Empowering poor women and youth through economic integration in Kon-tum province: We give funding to Plan International and Trickle Up organizations to provide comprehensive education programs on financial management skills for women and youth (from ages 18 to 34) with difficult economic backgrounds in order to develop their livelihood model, capacities, and business skills, thereby improving the lives of poor people in the highlands of Vietnam.
  • Room to Read’s Program to support girls with life skills and education: We partnered with Room to Read – a well-recognized NGO to support hundreds of girls across 3 Southern provinces of Vinh Long, Long An, Tra Vinh to enhance their opportunities, pursue higher education and set themselves up for success. Hundreds of girls in 13 secondary and high schools received skills training and confidence building to successfully progress to post-secondary education or enter the job market with marketable skills.
  • Build houses for low – income families in Dong Thap province: In early Nov 2018, BIDV MetLife employees and around 230 international volunteers, as part of the Vietnam Big Build 2018 initiative by Habitat Vietnam joined an initiative to build 21 new houses for low income people in Dong Thap. The initiative has been partly funded by the MetLife Foundation. MetLife Foundation has supported Habitat for Humanity for over 30 years as a global sponsor and in Vietnam and this is the 2nd Habitat project that MetLife Foundation has supported.

We are also honored to receive Amcham CSR Recognition Awards for three consecutive years including 2016, 2017, 2018 for our humble contribution to community.

With more than 70% millennials in our employee force at BIDV MetLife, all employees at BIDV MetLife have a workplace account which they could then explore, follow colleagues, join groups, share and comment on posts like MetLife’s yammer, Interest groups, Facebook, email, bulletins, etc. This is a great way to connect and share all the great things, special moments and ideas happening in their country, departments and life.

At BIDV MetLife, we often challenge employee to be Curious and Innovative, they can also use the workplace account to create their learning DNA and reach to the most updated and valuable resources knowledge from eLearning system of MetLife and well-known institutes, academy, etc. at anywhere and anytime via their mobile/ iPad, Laptop.

Our working environment is open, transparent, proactive and dynamic—in alignment with our vision of building trust with customers and high performance, employee is:

  • Excited on learning and to build their own learning DNA and get recognized for their learning;
  • Feel connected and updated on their company business, operation, activities and stakeholders;
  • Asked to voice up, create more values and deliver customer centricity;
  • To think and break out of box in more creative way;
  • Be the best and make things easier;
  • Succeed together;
  • Participate in different global and local projects, including engagement team;
  • Encouraged to learn and communicate in English (English speaking environment is promoted);
  • Participate in the various CSR and wellbeing activities.

BIDV MetLife’s policies are:

  • Compensation philosophy is underpinned by thorough performance management that involves a detailed frequent (or quarterly) performance discussion between line manager and individual of achievement against clear objectives and/or level of job competencies acquired;
  • Roles in relation to remuneration management at various levels are clearly defined;
  • Attract talents, reward promptly employee for their contribution and ideas to the success of the company, interest of customer, and at the same times, to ensure they are retained to contribute to sustainable growth of the company;
  • Talent and employee career/professional development:
    • Job progressions with clear criteria are applied;
    • Staff career development plan is developed and reviewed yearly;
    • Internal job application is encouraging to diversify/ meeting employee career’s expectation;
  • A well-designed recognition and reward policy to appreciate and motivate employee (at global and country level);
  • Family independent’s caring policy;
  • Diversity and inclusion are promoted to leads to more creative and innovations solutions, and that help drive business results. Women are encouraged to be independents and taking higher role and responsibilities.