AEON Vietnam is a retail company from Japan with the history of more than 260 years. AEON has launched AEON Vietnam Ltd., Co in Vietnam in 2012, and opened the first shopping mall in Tan Phu District, HCMC in 2014.

Then, the shopping malls AEON Binh Duong Canary, AEON Long Bien (Hanoi), AEON Binh Tan were established in 2014, 2016 and 2016. In addition, two shopping malls will be launched in the future: AEON Ha Dong (in 2019) and AEON Hai Phong Le Chan (in 2020). The presence of AEON in the suburb has given the opportunities to these areas: career opportunities, residential development, infrastructure such as schools, hospitals…


1. AEON keep the view “Everything we do, we do for our customers”

  • The first priority is to ensure customer safety. The customers enjoy a level of assurance only AEON can offer.
  • AEON keep the promise to the customers, always behaving with integrity.
  • AEON wrap the products and services in a warm greeting and a friendly smile.
  • The voice of customer gives management its direction, and AEON strive to address customer desires in all business practices.

2. AEON people are the most important and irreplaceable assets we have at AEON Vietnam

  • AEON Vietnam expect the participation of all AEON people by providing challenging opportunities for anyone with the will and desire to improve.
  • AEON always maintains training all employees for future development as well as create a strong workforce for Company through programs or competitions such as:
    • Training skills and coaching with the well-qualified experts of AEON Vietnam and AEON Japan.
    • The Skill Tests such as “Cashier Skill Test”, “Sushi Skill Test”
    • “Customer Service” Contest
    • “Best Practice” Competition
    • “Junior management program” for Managers in Japan.
    • “Basic management program” for Senior Managers in Japan.
    • “AEON Future Leaders”
    • “Retail Traninee Program”
  • AEON people will be objectively evaluated based on their performance and compensated fairly.
  • AEON respect human rights and listen to the co-workers.

Our goal is to be recognized as the friendliest, people-oriented retail company to work at Vietnam.

3. AEON is contributing environmentally and socially through business operations through promoting initiatives of the AEON 1% Club Foundation and the AEON Environmental FoundationAEON Environmental Foundation.

  • The AEON 1% Club Foundation was established with the philosophy that Aeon is a company that makes proper use of the benefits received from customers for the future and for the community. Our activities are centered around the sound upbringing of children who will lead the next generation, the promotion of international friendship and goodwill, and sustainable development of the local community.
    • “AEON Scholarship Program” granted a total of 686 scholarships from both students in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from 2006-2018.
    • “School Construction Support Project” assisted in building 30 schools in Hue province for more than 15.000 Vietnamese children.
    • “Asia Youth Leaders”: Vietnam has participated annually from 2011-2018, sending a total of 142 students to the programs.
  • The AEON Environmental Foundation has planted trees around the world and promoted a variety of joint environmental protection initiatives, such as the development of human resources in the fields of the environment and conservation of biodiversity.
    • “AEON Environmental Foundation’s Tree Planting Activities”: in Vietnam, up to February of 2019, the foundation has planted a total of 97.000 trees in many provinces nationwide (at Ba Vi National Park – Hanoi, Hoa Binh Park – Hanoi, Lang Co – Hue and outside of 4 AEON Malls).
    • “Donating Solar Systems to Junior High Schools”:Tthe AEON Environmental Foundation donated solar systems to 10 Junior High Schools in Ho Chi Minh City in 2014.