SAS, a worldwide leader in driving the future of analytics, has created innovative products that give customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW® through providing innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services since 1976.

With a culture that fuels innovation and creativity, the affiliates of SAS around the globe have long been acknowledged as best places to work. At SAS Thailand, we aim to deliver proven solutions that drive innovation and enhance performance with FOUR CORE VALUES: Authentic, Accountable, Curious, and Passionate. We encourage our employees to embrace and fulfill these values through their work. In our eyes, a diverse and inclusive workforce fosters a more creative and innovative workplace. Having a team of professional and qualified employees, offering a variety of viewpoints and experience, underpins our success as surely as every single piece of data-driven insight we generate. Besides we offer the combination of comfortable and high performing, working environment as well as strong work life balance, coupled with comprehensive care for our employees’ needs.

Our Policy
Our policies range from employee and human resources information, bonus policy, employee promotions, resignation/termination policy, application for internal transfer, salary administration, travel and expense account policy, transportation policy, other employee benefits, vacation/annual leave & other paid leave, holidays, training, conflict of interest, sexual harassment, to IT guidelines.

The benefits we provide to our staff includes:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Health Insurance both In and Out-patient
  • Health insurance for spouse & kids
  • Health related flexible benefits
  • Annual health check
  • Fitness membership
  • Fitness membership for a family member
  • Spa & massage voucher
  • Team building in Q1
  • SAS Happy Day & Town Hall (I) in Q2
  • SAS Family Days + CSR in Q3
  • SAS Happy Day & Town Hall (II) in Q4

At SAS, we value how people can help us shape better business direction. Employee engagement is a crucial part to our business success. Other than our work-life balance culture, our practices include

SAS Performance Management approach & Career Development
All managers and the team are having regular check-in conversation on a quarterly basis to allow continual feedback and development.

The regular check in conversation includes:

  • Translate our business goals and connect these with team goals
  • Update on SAS 3 year-plan and establish how it relates to individual employee goals
  • Support the staff to create SMART goals
  • Ensure team member reviews goals according to business needs
  • Discuss development needs which includes 70-20-10 (Experience – Exposure – Education) intervention
  • Conclude performance review at the end of year

Learning & Development
At SAS, local HR Business Partners work collaboratively with the APAC Organizational Effectiveness and Development team. We conduct yearly training analysis and calibrate the result with all department heads to ensure our employees have the right skillsets that align with current and future business requirements. In 2018 alone, we offer more than 350 training places to our employees.

Our enablement ranges from technical skill training to soft skill and business skill development, leadership management, personal productivity, and interpersonal development.
We have invested in a learning management platform to encourage individuals to manage their learning path. Staff and manager can both easily keep track on their development progress.

Development in SAS is not limited to classroom training. Other than instructor led, classroom training and workshop, other training platforms such as online learning ensure each employee can manage their learning at their own pace.

Following are a few examples of the virtual learning offerings available at SAS:

  • Functional online learning curriculum
  • Practice sharing through our intranet
  • On-Line Training
  • External sources e.g. links to Harvard Business Review (HBR), Linkedin Learning
  • Online tools such as Client IQ and Hoover to improve individual productivity

Enabling Infrastructure
Technology is one of the main practices that we have constantly updated to ensure our employees have the right tools and systems to support them functionally. Our staff can communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device including voice and video over wireless, instant messaging, rich presence via easy-to-use interfaces available on Windows Phone, iOS, Windows PCs, tablets and Android smartphones.

Internal communication
Apart from regular business updates from our U.S. Headquarters, SAS Thailand has constant internal communication with our employees both via email and also in-person at 3 official town halls throughout the year which create a formal platform to communicate key company messages.

SAS’ culture has been the DNA of our brand strategy. Our growth for more than 40 years proves that caring for our people, our planet and our communities is the right way to do business, said Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS. It is not just the “what.” Customers matter. Also employees matter.

We do more than make software. We make a promise to people. This is our message to the world. When you work with SAS, you get The Power to Know®. The Power to Know your customers, patrons and constituents and so much more.

We also bring our brand to life that makes our brand more than just words on a page. By making a difference in the world, we demonstrate it through things like many different Corporate CSR activities, “Data for Good program” that use SAS Analytics to address humanitarian issues like poverty, health, human rights, education and the environment.

At SAS Thailand, making a difference to our society is a participation between our people and our SAS families. We built cabinets from our own hands and donated to school in remote area. We spent our weekend out together for a coral plantation to support underwater ecosystem. These are examples of our annual CSR activities that our people and our families get engaged and take pride in.