From the bold ambition back in 1975 when Microsoft founded, “A computer on every desk and in every home”, to now when the ambition has been fulfilled and Microsoft is committing to a more long-term goal. In the mobile-first, cloud-first world, Microsoft is led by the sense of purpose to “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

Established in 1993, Microsoft Thailand continues to be part of the growing business and industries in the country and to help our customers and partners navigate through the digital transformation journey. With 100 employees under the leadership of Dhanawat Suthumpun, Country General Manager, we share the same goal “to make 70 Million lives better” and make a difference to our customers and partners with the customer-obsession, growth mindset and through working as One Microsoft.

With such a bold and clear mission, we can achieve it only if we live our culture as the key driver of our success as it influences our strategy, what we do, and how we do it.

We strive to shift our culture from Know-it-all to Learn-it-all. It starts from the top and is driven through how the management lead by role-modeling; how we work together; and how we provide constructive perspectives and take them for self-development.

We are committed to be the great place to work in all aspects of our people’s work lifecycle from the first day of the career journey at Microsoft and every day.

We continue to attract talents in all career stages since early career to the management level. We engage with students in university through “Microsoft Student Partners” and the 12-week internship program that empowers the interns to have hands-on experience locally and internationally, to build their network and learn from experts across the region. We also have a program for the early stage career called MS Aspires focusing on career acceleration for them to grow in the fast-growing company and fast-moving business during their first 24 months.

We link performance to reward and focus on the impact that the employees create throughout the year in three key areas: Individual accomplishments to team, business and customers, Contribution to the success of others and Results that built on the ideas and effort of others. By including different aspects of performance and not focusing on individual achievement, we already embrace the aspect of Growth Mindset culture into the reward philosophy and system in order to foster the sustainable organization culture.

“Learn-it-all” is our learning DNA. Our people are accountable for their learning and development through diversified platforms e.g. mandatory e-learnings, customized development programs by professions, and soft-skill trainings. As most of the learning activity happen while working, our people are free to explore to learn new knowledge from working in different roles as well.

Diversity and Inclusion here is not a nice statement to have, but what we live and stand for. We incorporate it into our four strategic pillars. Starting in fiscal year 2019, our people have D&I as part of the commitment that they need to accomplish which means they are the key driver to make D&I part of our culture.

At Microsoft, work-life integration is possible by the culture of empowerment and trust together with well-supported IT infrastructure to allow our people to choose the right working environment and time to deliver their commitment and business impact.

“When Family Needs You” Microsoft has launched the family related policy where work and life of the employees can be integrated together, especially when family needs them.

This policy is inclusive of our employees e.g. 20-week fully paid Maternity for female employees, 8-week fully paid for Paternity and/or Parental Leave for male and LGBTQ employees and 4-week fully paid Family Caregiver Leave for all employees who needs to take care of family members who are undergoing the intensive care.

At the workplace where collaboration can happen anywhere and anytime, we also arrange various engagement activities where our people can come together in person to meet and spend their time together e.g. company kick-off event where our people would together celebrate the success from the last year and also understand the business priorities of the year.

We see the importance of social impact and we have the Philanthropies team to equip people in Thailand to have the capabilities for future. In the last five years, the team equipped more than 400,000 youths with computer science knowledge and digital skills through Microsoft programs. This large number contributes to the government’s vision of Thailand 4.0 – a digital-ready nation. Our priority of inclusion has been amplified by partnering NGOs that reach differently abled youth, female inmates and youngsters in refugee camps.

We incorporate the giving activity as one of the key agenda so everyone can together contribute back to the society. Also we have open option for employees to choose the giving activity that they are interested to participate by having CSR Leave for 2 days.

Along the 26-years journey of Microsoft Thailand, we would never stop empowering 70 million people in Thailand to achieve whatever they would like to. And as the company to our employees, we would continue to make Microsoft Thailand as the best company to work for.