At Mazars, we believe that, in order to build talent, we need to focus on talent acquisition, talent management and talent development. Having the right talent will allow Mazars to have a distinct position in the industry, and give it the ability to develop capabilities. In addition, with the right talent at Mazars, a dynamic environment will be created for Mazarians to grow, transform and develop.

Mazars in Thailand has adopted multiple workplace policies and employee benefits to attract, retain, engage and develop talent. Investment in employer branding and the creation of HR differentiators are important to ensure that our talent is kept engaged, our work environment remains dynamic, and our employees are proud to be Mazarians.

Talent Acquisition
Our talent acquisition includes working closely with our service lines to understand their needs, reaching out to talent through multiple channels and creating partnerships with universities and institutions. With universities, in addition to holding roadshows and special seminars, we implemented the Mazars Student Brand Ambassadors programme. Selected students raise awareness of Mazars as the employer of choice. In return, we gain important information about students for recruitment purposes.

Another key source for recruitment comes from staff referrals where our own employees act as our ambassadors, sharing their testimonials with their own circle of contacts. To facilitate this, we opened a LINE channel which increases engagement with candidates, as they can communicate directly with the Mazars HR team.

In October 2018, Mazars Group launched its very first #InsideMyPhone campaign, which aims to share information on our global presence as a dynamic, international and innovative company.
Talent Management
Talent management is an ongoing key process within Mazars. We use our Bamboo HR application to have quarterly development reviews with staff members. Part of the process involves both the staff members and coaches completing a simple development form independently. The questionnaire measures the engagement and competency of our staff per service line and in total. The quarterly development review enables our staff to develop clear goals and influence their own career path. It also helps employees have a clear view of their expected performance and development. As a result, employees are able to plan their career journey and monitor their career progress during their employment.

Talent Development
Mazars is fully committed to ensuring that all staff have the relevant knowledge, skills and expertise to perform at consistently high standards and to achieve their full potential. Our talent development programme consists of both technical and soft-skills training for staff to grow both technically and personally, which raises their employability. We believe that assisting staff with having a high employability level helps secure our position as one of the best companies to work for and grow in.

Training starts from day one in the form of an onboarding programme. New staff participate in a comprehensive onboarding programme with an introductory kit and a mini game to help them learn about Mazars. An office tour and personal introduction to other Mazarians helps new joiners feel welcome. A separate introductory email is sent to all employees so that current employees know all new joiners by name. Technical training programmes are also conducted for fresh graduates during the first week, to help them to settle in more quickly.

Besides the usual technical training for existing employees, Mazars also strongly promotes the MOVE programme and the International Mobility programme to encourage employees to step out of their comfort zones, and seeks to give high-potential seniors and managers an opportunity to gain international experience, expand their networks, and develop their skills and knowledge through a secondment or project abroad lasting from 1 month to 2 years. We even have our own Mazars U – a comprehensive learning platform for all Mazarians around the world. This unique programme helps quench the thirst that some of our employees have to acquire more skills, and to plan their own learning and growth in Mazars.

Workplace Policies and Practice
We have policies in place on working from home and flexible working hours. Research has shown that working from home improves both employee job satisfaction and productivity. In addition, having flexible working hours gives our employees more control over their schedule, reduces commuting time, and allows them to meet both business and personal needs better.

Employee Engagement
Mazars strongly believes that our employees are our greatest asset, and that they must be valued and kept happy. Therefore, we consistently seek their opinions and suggestions through formal and informal communication channels. We conduct a staff survey twice a year to gather information on how to improve the company. In regard to informal channels, we have launched Workplace by Facebook to increase communication and engagement among our staff. In May 2018, we opened Escape, which is the shared recreational space for our staff to hang out, play games or simply relax. The aim is to give our staff a place to escape from the stress of work in a relaxed environment. In addition to regular activities such as an annual company outing, team-building challenges, staff parties, and an annual health check, we also come up with new activities to keep our employees engaged and satisfied. The events that we plan to organize over the next year include movie nights, skills workshops and workout sessions.

We strongly believe that the harder we play, the harder we work, and the easier it is to work together as a whole.