Food Passion’s vision is “delivering all day happiness”. By employing 4000+ employees currently, we are not only FOOD business but also PEOPLE business.

“THE CYCLE OF HAPPINESS” has been launched since 2016 to address our strong intention on employees. The cycle starts from making employees happy, if employees are happy, they will deliver their happiness to customers. If customers are happy, they will return to use the service frequently, if customers use the service frequently, the business will be strong and able to take care of employees.

The People Plus Department with passionate employee experience designers thrives to build the company with SMART, GOOD and HAPPY employees. We focus on uplifting Food Passion to be the best place to work in Thailand, as well as handing over employee value prepositions and practices to our partners/franchisees around CLMV region (Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia).

To portray how employees perceive the value their gain by working here, we have 5 key projects as follows:

ACTIVE is the way employee think, act and interact in Food Passion, the DNA of employees from generation to generation. We promote ACTIVE by making the culture simple to everyone, tying with company activities, offering creative recognition through compensation that boosts positivity and morale throughout the company. For example, we give employees specific examples of how their roles can positively impact the company and its clients. We set ACTIVE as the yardstick for measuring behavior through the performance evaluation system (PMS). We drive behavior change through the E-ACTIVE STAR PROGRAM that can be applied to both day to day admiration and positive feedback/feedback for improvement. Thus, ACTIVE is the most preferred and powerful recognition program in Food Passion.

Readiness development program for future restaurant leaders (Talent Development)
The Restaurant Business Management System Program (RBMS) has been developed to build leadership and technical competencies of Service Heads, Kitchen Heads as well as Assistant Outlet Coaches. The program is also to secure a talent pipeline or Outlet Coaches and Area Coaches. The 3-4 month-program consists of learning modules that cover theory, on the job training, discussions and knowledge sharing. The verification is done by Line managers 80% and trainers 20%. Currently, we have 120% readiness employee for future vacancies. We able to develop a leadership pipeline for critical positions and 90% of our vacancies are filled by internal growth.

Food Passion Education Center (Social Responsibility and Staff’s Education)
More than 1,200 of our employees graduated from middle schools. The Food Passion Education Center (EDC), certified by the Office of the Vocational Education Commission has been established to provide Dual Vocational Education for internal and external working-age learners. The dual vocational educational program has been designed according to the employee’s ability and offer practical experience from the start. Students also learn from the top management in some related business modules and experience real working environment. It’s a win-win situation for both the company who will benefit from an employee’s knowledge of the workflow and for the employees who can earn and learn at the same time. In the end, the dual education system can provide the company with highly skilled workers. Apart from building capability for higher education, this program is also recognized as a CSR program that provides education to the less educated.

NOO-TUM-DAI & Passion Lab (Disruptive & Talent Management)
To maintain competitiveness in the market, innovation is indispensable. To cultivate a mindset of sustainable development, we have make innovation a part of the corporate culture and organize activities for everyone to participate. We create a skill challenge to find out who is the best in their job. We also provide an avenue to employees to present ideas to improve work through the NOO-TUM-DAI project. We reinforce with “Design thinking” and “Be Proactive” concept for the project team. For the management level, “PASSION LAB” has been established with agile working concept to focus on creating innovations to support further business expansion. The NOO-TUM-DAI project that has been implemented for 5 years; we have 4,389 innovative ideas from our employees, 18 projects tested through Design thinking concept, and 84 winning members, with a promotion rate of 41%.

Money Buddy (Employee benefit)
Based on our visits to various branches and units and discussions with staff, personal debt has been identified as a major problem. Requests by the Legal Execution Department to deduct employees’ salaries to repay loans have also been rising. About 70% of the staff have personal loans with formal financial institutions and 30% with informal loan providers. In view of this, we initiated a project to help staff adopt finance discipline by encouraging them to reduce personal loans and household debts rather than providing them with further loans. After just five months, the project has succeeded in reducing staff’s personal debts by 25% with a maximum of 60%.

From above key people activities, we managed to reduce turnover from 87% to 51% which is the lowest in the restaurant business, secure talent pipeline, promote employer branding and support food passion business growth. We have received many awards such as;

  • The Best employer Thailand award, 2017. Best of the Best employer Thailand 2018, Aon Hewitt
  • HR Innovation Award from the Personnel Management Association of Thailand
  • Money Buddy program by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC) for FINANCIAL LITERACY campaign.