Established in Thailand since 1938, AIA Thailand is the subsidiary of AIA Group Limited, comprising the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group. It has a presence in 18 markets in Asia- Pacific – Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Macau, Brunei, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India and Myanmar.

AIA Thailand has been committed to providing protection coverage to both individuals and businesses through a wide variety of products and services, including life insurance, personal accident, health insurance, group insurance, credit life insurance and provident fund management services.

Currently, approximately 1 out every 3 life insurance policies in Thailand is written by AIA. With more than 55,000 agents nationwide, we serve over 5.3 million individual customers and 12,000 corporate clients with over 8.2 million in-force policies. Leading the life insurance industry, AIA pioneers iPOS+ & AIA iService applications for sales and customer support to ensure prompt and first-rate service standards. Besides, AIA achieves the highest number of unit linked sales and IC-licensed agents.

AIA Thailand is strongly committed to making people live healthier, longer, better lives. We aim to actively make a real and positive difference to our community through a wide variety of corporate social responsibility initiatives, for instance AIA Sharing A Life Day, AIA School Library, AIA Operation Smile, AIA New Legs New Life, and so on.

We believe in our philosophy “Doing the Right Thing (having a clear goal and strategy and doing things that enhance that goal achievement), In the Right Way (having the culture that builds right behaviors), With the Right People (have quality talents who drive to achieve), And the Results Will Come”.

AT AIA, we provide an environment to allow and support our employees to achieve their career goals through delivering the three unique Employee Value Propositions (EVP), which are Challenge, Empowerment, Growth. We want our employee to feel proud and connected to be part of AIA through their contribution and ability to achieve challenging business expectation. We empower them through learning from their leaders. And we make sure they grow both personally and professional during their time at AIA. We strongly believe that our employees have been one of the key drivers to our success so far. Learning and development then plays a critical role to accelerate all our employees to step up to the next level by fostering the growth mindset and expanding the knowledge and capabilities. It is our commitment to provide the opportunity for them to bring their best to work every day and that they know best what needs to be done in their own roles and responsibility. We truly believe in empowering our employees. And empowerment would be successful once we have capable employees.

We cannot deny that digital and technology have high impact to every industry and life insurance is not exceptional. It is important to help our employee access to learning opportunities that upgrade their skills and knowledge that they need to help them succeed and ultimately to help the company achieve our Vision and Mission. AIA invests in our custom-designed “Catalyst” Digital learning Platform to offer our employees the flexibility to learn from “Any Where, Any Time, Any Device” and also offers opportunities for personalized development design to choose whatever topics of their interests in order to support their Work-Life-Integration, Learning & Growth, Active Environment And Vitality, which are the valued employee experience at AIA Thailand.

Gamification in eLearning helps create an effective learning that enables learners to release real-life scenarios and challenges in a safe environment. It is a game-based concept which is applied to content we intentionally designed to meet the specific learning outcomes. The response from our employees after we rolled out a course with quests in gamification in January 2019, was that they feel enjoyment with “Competitive and Fun” learning and are actively engaged with informal learning experiences. Moreover, it creates self-awareness and can drive behavioural changes when combining with the principles of repeated retrieval and spaced repetition.

High quality customer experience is very important at AIA Thailand because high-quality customer service builds trust and brand awareness. To deliver excellent customer experiences is definitely the most valuable thing to the business. Our employees are strongly committed to demonstrate our AIA Thailand’s Core Value DBEST: D-Deliver on Promise, B-Be proactive in providing constructive feedback, E-Embrace change and adapt best practices, S-Strong customer focus, and T-Think enterprise wide. It is crucial for our employees to understand what they do, which will finally impact the end customers, which are our policyholders, no matter they are in the back or the front offices. ‘Strong Customer Focus’ is therefore one of the key behaviours that our employees will always have to keep in mind. This will ensure our sustainable growth.

AIA commits to excel in our people development. We influence culture to encourage learning, invest in adequate resources to ensure the provision of a high-quality learning support system and tools. We inspire and support our employees at all levels to learn and grow. We promote a clear “what’s your why” and “what’s in it for you” for the learner. At AIA, we emphasize all employees to be accountable for taking actions to unleash their full potential with the purpose of achieving their career goals. As a matter of fact, Learning and Growth have also been identified by our existing employees as one of their values employee experiences at AIA.