Standard Chartered PLC is a leading international banking group, with more than 86,000 employees from 125 countries and over 150 years of history in some of the world’s most dynamic markets. Our purpose is to drive commerce and prosperity through our unique diversity, and our heritage and values are expressed in our brand promise, Here for good.

With 3,000 talents across Taiwan, Standard Chartered Taiwan Ltd. provides full-scale banking services and innovative products for individuals and corporate clients, and determines to become the Bank of Choice in Taiwan. In 1985, we established our first branch; Between 2006 to 2008, we had a leaping growth with the merger of Hsinchu International Commercial Bank, American Express Bank and the “Good Bank” part of Asia Trust and Investment Corporation further enhanced our footprint in Taiwan and demonstrated the Bank’s strong commitment to the Taiwan market.

Our vision is to become the best international bank famous for unique diversity, development opportunities and great manager quality.

We view diversity, inclusion, and respect for all employees as critical to our future success, and has committed to become a “Human Bank”. We enable our people to be proactive in leading and championing innovative projects to create a Human environment, including process efficiency, building massage areas for relaxing, and first-hand day to experience other jobs. We have identified three valued behaviors as our guiding principles in living Human. We undertake a monthly valued behavior award to recognize role models from different departments and their stories were broadcasted bank-wide. At the same time, we’re also striving in creating a diverse and inclusive culture through promoting gender equality, in which women currently take up 70% of our workforce; we also have fair pay policy to ensure our compensation practice is fair among genders; we run workshops to enable our managers creating inclusive working environment, and how to recognize and manage unconscious bias.

Building a learning culture and developing our people have been our core belief and commitment. We offer a wealth of learning and development resources to help employees build competencies for current and future roles. For example, “Day 1 Readiness” facilitates on-the-job learning to help new frontline sales quickly equip their skillset and knowledge. The Program has won the Best Talent Development Award presented by Ministry of Labor in Taiwan.

To support our leaders, we have customized our leadership development programs according to their experience and management level. Those programs equip them with the essential skills of leadership and enable them to create a better workplace to unleash the potential of employees. As for employee development, we provide learning allowance encouraging the employees to attend external trainings to learn from others, build the mechanism of internal transfer, “hot” jobs platform to expand their roles in different functions, or cross-border jobs and short-term assignments. In addition, our people leaders conduct regular coaching sessions with the employees to explore and plan career development together.

The pride, passion, and commitment from employees are essential to our success. We care about their wellbeing, work-life balance and their family, and focus on delivering an employee experience where they feel strongly connected. We have advanced policies in place to support the work-life needs of our employees including choosing from multiple types of working styles, such as working from home, flexible working hours. We offer new parents five-month maternity leave which is the longest among all the companies in Taiwan. Besides working practice, we encourage and sponsor employees to establish clubs to gather people with the same interests and we now have more than 20 clubs including mixology club, dragon boat club and road running club. To us, employee engagement means every employee has strong connections to their work, their managers, and team, and to Standard Chartered. It means everyone feels compelled to work. To strengthen the connections and achieve a high level of engagement, we conduct employee surveys annually. The survey, “My Voice” measures our progress in engaging employees and allow them to provide feedbacks. Currently, we have an average 98% participation rate in the survey. Over the years, our employees have consistently given the Bank a “Like” and our eNPS has grown 6 times from 2015 to 2018. In 2018, we won the Work-Life Balance Award from the Ministry of Labor in Taiwan.

Through our unique diversity and inclusive organization culture, we continuously extend our influence from employees to the society in Taiwan. We believe that we have the responsibility and obligation to be a “good force” in the communities. To support this, the employee volunteer service program provides employees with an additional three days of paid leave each year to participate in community and environmental programs. Take the Standard Chartered Taipei Charity Marathon as an example, the bank has held and sponsored it over 5 years, which aims to help the visually impaired to exercise, and has become the largest marathon in Taiwan, with over 400 volunteers from our employees devoting themselves as cheering teams and company for the visually impaired. Another initiative is Seeing is Believing, which has raised 60 million Taiwan dollars in donations and successfully helped 450 visually impaired to enter the workforce. In addition, we have been running a visually impaired call center team for almost eight years, offering them job opportunities and giving them a chance to perform. Standard Chartered Taiwan Ltd.’s success in managing corporate social responsibility has been recognized with Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA).

渣打集團是領先的國際性銀行,86,000 名員工來自125 個國家, 設有85 個全球據點,在數個新興 市場超過150 年歷史。我們的使命在於透過我們獨特的多元性,推動商業發展和促進繁榮,並讓傳 統和價值透過品牌承諾「一心做好,始終如一」展現。

渣打國際商業銀行在台灣擁有三千位優質人才,為個人與企業客戶提供全方位的服務與創新的產 品,矢志成為台灣首選銀行。1985 年成立第一家分行,2006 至2008 年間合併了竹商銀、美國運通 分行和亞洲信託,進一步擴大服務網絡,展現深耕台灣的承諾。從人才的角度,我們的願景是成為以獨特多元性、多樣發展機會、高品質領導環境為特色的國際銀行。


渣打致力成為「以人為本」銀行。號招全行主管提出工作痛點並激盪創新專案讓我們更以人為本, 並由主管自發領導專案。如:流程簡化、按摩小站、職位體驗等。我們傾聽員工聲音並從中歸納典範



重視員工學習發展,成立渣打學院協助同仁建立現在及未來職能。如: 榮獲勞委會最佳人力發展獎的 Day 1 Readiness 課程,著重工作中學習協助新人快速上手。客製化領導力發展,使帶人主管具備 核心領導技能,並能營造讓員工發揮潛能的工作環境。員工每年有學習津貼,鼓勵持續學習。支持職涯發展,員工輕鬆利用轉職平台與國際銀行優勢申請跨單位或海外轉職、短期外派等。主管會經常與下屬對話,協助達成發展及職涯目標。

員工可申請彈性工時與在家工作等工作型態,提供優於業界 20 周產假,定期舉辦健康、親子、 旅遊、理財等講座。補助員工自組社團,如路跑、品酒、龍舟社等。舉辦旺年會感謝員工貢獻,增

淨推薦指數成長6 倍。2018 年獲得勞動部工作與生活平衡獎肯定。


員工每年有 3 天志工假,鼓勵回饋社會。以渣打公益馬拉松為例,鼓勵視障朋友追求職涯夢想。每 年都有四百多位同仁,爭取成為志工及視障陪跑員;並有更多員工參與路跑,支持渣打理念。我們加入全球「看得見的希望」計劃,五年來捐出新台幣六千萬元,成功協助 450 位視障朋友。更成立 視障電銷小組,八年來這些同仁透過輔具展現非凡績效。公司從上到下投入公益及推動友善職場,更獲得勞動部金展獎肯定。