Saturday, May 28, 2022

Dentsply and Sirona joined forces in 2016 to become the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental solutions. Our trusted brands have empowered dental professionals, in both practices and laboratories, to provide better, safer and faster care in all dental disciplines for over 100 years. Now, working together under one brand globally, we are dedicated to continuing this journey for many years to come. Together we have unmatched scale and resources and are committed to using them to continue driving innovation and helping dental professionals achieve more than ever before. Our Global Headquarter is located in York, Pennsylvania, and the International Headquarters is based in Salzburg, Austria. Our shares are listed in the United States on NASDAQ under the symbol XRAY. We are a member of the S&P 500® and Nasdaq 100.

Dentsply Sirona’s mission is to empower dental professionals to provide better, safer, faster dental care. That means that as a company, Dentsply Sirona focuses on innovation and education with the purpose of achieving better oral health outcomes around the world. By aligning research efforts and the broadest clinical education platform in the industry, resources are targeted at improving patient care. When it comes to oral care, at some point everyone is a patient, which is the driving purpose of further advancing dentistry every day.

Sales in over 120 countries and Infrastructure in more than 40 countries. Dentsply Sirona products used on over six million patients by 600,000 dental professionals annually. 30+ significant new products annually and training over 350,000 dental professionals annually. 12,000 courses conducted in 88 countries each year.

As an international business with offices in locations around the world, local offices typically reflect the culture of the country in which they operate. There is a diverse workforce within our global Dentsply Sirona locations. As an industry leader, we know the importance of personal development, job satisfaction, and maintaining an inclusive, safe and healthy work environment. As a global company, we believe that a diverse workplace that reflects a variety of ideas, experiences, and skills is a key to sustaining success. Employees at Dentsply Sirona have many opportunities for training and development and, as a company with a large international footprint working in many locations around the world, talent development is built around the concept of working as one global team.

As a leader in the dental industry, we recognize the role it plays in advocating for and investing in efforts that improve oral health worldwide—and the importance of being a good corporate citizen in the communities and regions in which offices and facilities are located. In addition to supporting oral health initiatives, Dentsply Sirona’s support for research and education. Whether through its longtime partnership in the Student Competition for Advancing Dental Research and its Application or through the vast amount of clinical education courses run by the Company each year, we commit to the future of research and education in the dental industry.

We value our employees and the availability of professional development programs. Learning opportunities are crucial to job satisfaction and for the Company’s ability to attract new talent. As part of its continuing investment in learning and education initiatives, Dentsply Sirona University continues to expand digitally and is making training offerings available through our eLearning platform. Developed internally by a community of HR professionals around the globe with a passion for learning and development, the new courses are tailor-made for Dentsply Sirona’s unique culture and values.

We are committed to the development, health and well-being of our employees and the communities in which they live and work. Dentsply Sirona continues to set goals to reduce its environmental footprint at all manufacturing sites and offices. As a company, Dentsply Sirona will continue to make a positive impact on the world, with a core commitment to empowering the improvement of oral health. Recognizing that impact and the importance of a healthy lifestyle, we revamped its Wellness Program with our Corporate Benefits team. To correspond with World Oral Health Day on March 20th this year, the first quarter is always dedicated to oral health. “Say Ahh” campaign aimed at educating people about the connection behind oral health and the overall health of the body. In the second quarter, employees have opportunity to learn some of the benefits related to being present through techniques such as yoga and stress relief methods along with interesting statistics. The third quarter focuses on Physical Health & Wellness. The fourth quarter category is Heart Health and aims to educate on living a heart healthy lifestyle and making healthy meal choices.

Dentsply Sirona’s efforts to sustainable activities and sharpen the philanthropic focus in the area where the Company has the greatest impact—that includes a core focus on initiatives that aim to improve prevention, education, and access to oral health care. Commit to ethics in the way in which the Company operates, support for the development, health and well-being of the employees, support for communities both locally and globally, transparency within the marketplace, and a commitment to safety and reducing our environmental footprint. Dentsply Sirona’s footprint is global and believes in its responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and key contributor to the future of dental care as well as a partner in the overall well-being of the global community. We firmly committed to the principles and plans to continue to make a positive impact on the world, with a core commitment to empowering the improvement of oral health.



Dentsply Sirona 是全球最大的牙科材料製造和銷售廠商,為全球規模最大的專業牙科解決方案公司(The Dental Solutions Com¬pany™),旗下擁有許多超過100年歷史的全球領導品牌,在牙科產品、器材、設備、技術研發和數位化治療、服務等為全世界樹立了標竿。全球每天逾60萬位牙科專業人士採用Dentsply Sirona的解決方案在治療全球千萬名的病人。我們每年至少投資1.25億美金在推動牙科產業的發展。且擁有業界最大的研發平台,以及600多位科學家與工程師做為研發後盾,致力於開發新一代的牙科解決方案。

我們的產品在超過 120 國家中銷售,並樹立了優良商標之典範。在台灣目前約有1萬4,000位牙醫師,以及6,500家牙科院所,每天採用Dentsply Sirona的解決方案在治療病人。我們網羅了國內約五、六十位的牙科專業講師與國外專家進行對內與對外產品與設備的培訓,將優異的產品技術直接傳達給客戶,以協助他們為病患提供全方位的治療。我們投入前所未有的資源,承諾繼續提供給牙科院所與牙體技術更優質、更安全、更快捷的牙科解決方案。


作為一家全球公司,我們相信,反映各種想法、經驗和技能的多元化的工作場所,是維持企業的成功與永續經營的關鍵。Dentsply Sirona 深耕臺灣已經有多年,我們有非常優秀的六大核心價值 one team、accountability、innovation、integrity、commit¬ment to customers、bring the best to people,因為這些好的價值,也強化了員工向心與凝聚力,在全體員工一起努力下,我們創造了優質工作環境,讓員工變成了親密戰友。


我們一直是全球公認牙科行業中的最佳雇主,我們的企業文化、環境福利及人才發展制度被受肯定,Forbes雜誌、Chief Executive 雜誌、FOUCUS雜誌這些年皆評比本公司為”最佳雇主”、“最佳領導公司”,在國際產學合作上亦獲得IHK獎 ,在人力資源管理上也獲得Ventana Research授予的“人力資源管理領袖”獎 與Hessen Metall“My Future”獎。