Saturday, May 28, 2022

As a global medical technology leader for more than 35 years, we advance science for life by providing a broad range of high performance solutions that address unmet patient needs and reduce the cost of healthcare.

We are dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world. Our company’s values – caring, diversity, global collaboration, high performance, meaningful innovation and winning spirit – provide the foundation for everything we do. These values drive our commitment to sustainability, which is a very important part of how we approach environmental, social and governance business commitments.

At the same time, we’ve focused on making Boston Scientific an even better place to work through the support of diverse community and employee engagement programs, such as our Life/Work Integration initiatives.

At Boston Scientific, our compensation philosophy is to develop, design and use competitive programs that are performance-based and align our long and short-term interests of employees with the company. We strive to achieve external competitiveness while rewarding individual performance. Our benefits include but are not limited to group medical insurance extended to dependents, regular health check-ups, annual flexible benefit suite that provide employee flexibility and English learning sponsorship. The company also provide an Employee Assistance Program with 24-hour consultation support for our employees and their dependents. All offerings are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure it remains competitive and best suit the needs of our employees.

We believe that employee engagement is the level of commitment, passion and loyalty an employee has toward their work and the company. Therefore, providing an environment that is transparent and respectful is what we keep doing always.
Boston Scientific Taiwan is dedicated in providing a transparent communication channel to our employees. The BSC official LINE platform is an internal social communication platform connecting all employees in different locations. Employees use this platform as a communication tool to connect with each other and share information as required. In addition, our company also conducts engagement surveys to better understand employees’ perspective and feedbacks. Action plans are developed based on the input and this will to be shared with employee during town hall meetings. The company also hold monthly events to celebrate festivals and birthdays with employees, during which new employees will be introduced.

Boston Scientific is committed to ensuring an inclusive workplace that reflects the communities in which we live and operate. Our Diversity and Inclusion programs are designed to

  • Attract, develop, advance and retain diverse talents throughout Boston Scientific.
  • Build and sustain an environment of inclusion that enhances innovation and performance for all employees.
  • Influence business opportunities by educating customers on diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Promote awareness and involvement with Boston Scientific initiatives to strengthen the company brand in the community.

As a global healthcare company, we are committed to fostering a culture of health and well-being that includes the physical health of our employees and a holistic view of the work-life connection. At our sites across the globe, we offer diverse wellness programs, including mindfulness resources, fitness classes, disease management and injury prevention. Apart from these, Boston Scientific Taiwan offers various leave options and flexible working programs to meet employees’ needs. These programs include but are not limited to family care leave for employees with elderly parents, child care leave for employees with children under 13 years of age, work from home program to provide flexibility in work arrangement according to employees’ needs and Friday early home policy. The company also hold regular health talks, female leadership forum and participate in global challenges to encourage employees to increase self-awareness on health issues.

Boston Scientific Taiwan has received various awards and recognitions from different organizations in acknowledgement of the Company’s consistent commitment to build a caring organization, its significant contribution to the local market, and its dedication to develop its employees. The award included “Top Employer 2018 and 2019” certified by Top Employer Institute, “Taiwan Top 10 Outstanding Organization” awarded by Taiwan Outstanding Manager association and “Taiwan Top 10 Foreign Company Award” awarded by Taiwan government.

Besides providing competitive compensations and benefits and putting in place a family-friendly practice, as a Top Employer and a responsible organization for the community, Boston Scientific Taiwan’s employees actively participate in charity events. The team works closely with non-government organizations to develop and execute STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and increase health awareness to young children. Our goal is to further develop the medical profession in the local market.




在員工健康方面,明基佳世達堅持每年提供同仁完整之健康檢查, 並致力舉辦體育活動如單車、健行與登山,每週開設健身有氧課程及多元化之社團活動,鼓勵同仁揮灑汗水;並備有員工餐廳提供多樣化均衡豐富的餐飲,便利的銀行、保險、洗衣服務,讓同仁在公司擁有高品質的工作環境。同時著重工作與生活平衡,並得到「幸福企業三星獎」之最高等級之認可。此外,特別鼓勵員工回饋社會,每年提供一天有薪志工假,並結合基金會志工活動,充分實踐關懷社會的企業核心價值。

高品質且細緻的員工訓練發展是明基佳世達集團一以貫之的準則, 縝密的訓練架構,為國內極少數同時榮獲「國家訓練品質獎」、「TTQS金牌獎」之企業集團。

明基佳世達針對不同職類與訓練體系,建構完整的企業學院,以「創新改善」、「專業發展」、「學習成長」與「領導管理」四大類領銜,分門別類提供同仁在專業上與管理上矩陣式的訓練,落實以職能為基礎的發展,2018年之全球員工平均訓練時數高達80小時。在學習管道上,明基佳世達更提供內部e-learning學習管道, 藉由手機及網路,同仁的學習不受限制。