Mundipharma Distribution GmbH (Philippine Branch) started commercial operations on 16 June 2005. Beginning with a handful of employees and products, in less than 14 years the company has grown to be one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical & consumer healthcare companies in the country. The Philippine business is now the largest Mundipharma entity in Southeast Asia, with our sales and promotions team covering the whole Philippine archipelago.

Globally, Mundipharma established operations in Basel, Switzerland in 1957 and has considerably expanded its business activities around the world through its independent associated companies. With a regional hub in Singapore, offices in countries across Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and a global network, our medicines now touch the lives of patients in six continents.

Our vision is to become one of the top healthcare companies in the Philippines. We will achieve this with integrity, by empowering our people, treating each other with trust and respect, and ensuring that the interests of our patients and customers are at the heart of everything we do.

We are One Mundipharma Philippines.

Our people conduct their business with a high sense of ethical responsibility. They are passionate about continuous improvement, while staying focused on delivering results. Our values focus on four principles, which we call our
business enablers: Empowering Leadership, Performance-Driven, Alignment and Accountability.

We are driven by a sense of urgency to achieve our ambitious goals and make a positive impact to the lives we touch: our patients, our customers, and our employees and their families.

We are a community of caring people, treating each other with trust and respect in every interaction.

We all work hard to the best of our abilities every day, but we also take care of our health and well-being, always remembering to celebrate success and pause and reflect when it is time to recharge.

We are One Mundipharma Philippines and we all aim to make a difference.

KALINGANG MUNDIPHARMA: Taking care of our people who take care of our business

Our local tagline, “Galing Mundipharma, Kalingang Mundipharma”, is a reflection of our commitment to putting people at the heart of every business decision that we make, be it the patients that we serve or the people we work

“Galing Mundipharma” not only refers to the excellent products that we provide our patients and consumers; we are also passionate about helping our employees reach their full potential via our learning and development initiatives, such as the Learn to Lead program for our field force, the Management Development Program for our middle managers and the Leadership Development Program for executives. We also have Learn@ MP , a one-stop shop for learning and training consisting of 273 e-learning modules which aims to provide a more integrated learning experience as it covers various types of learning from different functions (e.g. HR, compliance, product trainings, etc.).

In keeping with “Kalingang Mundipharma”, we also provide our employees with a total rewards package that enables our Company to attract, hire and retain the best qualified talents who will drive our business forward. We also ensure that we remain competitive vis-à-vis other industry players by subscribing to an industry-wide survey.

Aside from the tangible rewards, we also believe in intrinsic recognition for our colleagues. For instance, we have a quarterly recognition program for our colleagues who embody our core values. We also have an online peer recognition system called Go the Extra Mile (GEM) which enables our employees to show their appreciation to their colleagues who have gone the extra mile in supporting them in their everyday work.

Given how hard our colleagues work, we have taken a holistic approach to helping them remain healthy by conducting health and wellness activities such as mindfulness workshops, sportsfests, and other activities that foster a good balance between physical, spiritual, and intellectual needs. We have also recently implemented alternative work arrangements for our office-based colleagues, such as flexible working hours and telecommuting. This allows more time for employees to spend their energy where it truly matters: our families.

To keep our work environment vibrant, we also never forget to inject an element of fun in our everyday work. We hold regular Team Bondings, where teams can choose an activity which will allow them to relax, de-stress and just enjoy each other’s company. We also celebrate successes during our annual National Business Conference and awards night. But we also celebrate small successes like monthly sales achievements. We know that celebrating the small successes can propel the company to achieve bigger things.

We also remember to pay it forward by contributing to the community via our partnerships with government agencies and non-governmental organizations, such as our CSR activities with the Bureau of Corrections and Kythe Foundation, Inc.

This back to back recognition by HR Asia as one of the “Best Companies to Work For” in the Philippines is not just a testament to how we value our people in Mundipharma; it also fuels our passion to continue making Mundipharma the kind of workplace where people can find meaning and purpose, as well as a venue to productively utilize their talents and continuously develop as a professional and as a person.