Saturday, December 2, 2023

Our Purpose of “blending heart, science and ingenuity in profoundly changing the trajectory of health for humanity” unites Employees of Johnson & Johnson all over the world. Our legacy of 133 years of innovation has made us the largest, most diverse healthcare company in the world.

Started over 60 years ago, J&J Philippines is a leading contributor to J&J’s regional business. The Philippines has historically been a source of worldclass talents. In the recent past, Asia Pacific had two Filipinos lead its Consumer and Medical Devices businesses.

Further cementing the Philippines’ critical role for the enterprise, Manila was selected as the only global center for J&J’s shared services in 2014. As of March 2019, 791 professionals comprise Global Services Manila, servicing multiple regions across various functions. The center is expected to grow to over 1,100 employees by 2022.

As a trusted leader in the healthcare industry, it was very important for J&J to build a holistic wellness culture within our own employee population. This was the impetus of our HealthForce 2020 Goals, which encapsulates our drive to have the healthiest workforce by 2020. Employee Wellness programs hit four areas around mind, movement, eating and work.

Healthy Mind

  • Employees and their families have 24/7, free access to work-life coaches and councilors to help them manage stress, depression, eating disorders, addictions and other mental health concerns
  • Treatments and medicines related to mental health are covered in our healthcare plan
  • Mindfulness Trainings and Mental Health Webinars are incorporated in our campus calendar of activities
  • The employee resource group “Alliance for Diverse Abilities” named Mental Health Ambassadors who champion mental health initiatives across the campus

Healthy Movement

  • Free access to on-site gym, personal trainers and regular fitness classes
  • Modernistic facilities and fixtures such as biking and jogging pathways, “core engaging” chairs, sit-stand workstations, stationary bike workstations, and a tennis court
  • Company-sponsored activities like Global Steps Challenge and annual sports fest
  • A covered walkway where employees are encouraged to have “walking meetings”
  • Fitness Trainers lead regular stretch breaks
  • Gym reimbursement for field employees

Healthy Eating

  • Healthier options at our newly renovated campus cafeteria (e.g., salad bar, brown rice, calorie counters, etc.)
  • Healthy snacks and smoothies at our “Grab n’ Go” food area
  • Free fruits for employees 3 times week
  • Access to healthy cooking and nutrition classes as part of campus activities

Healthy Work

  • Education on office ergonomics
  • Established Energy for Performance training or known externally as Corporate Athlete Training, designed by US-based Human Performance Institute (by 2020, our goal is to train 90% of all Philippine employees on Energy for Performance)
  • Massage Therapy for employees

On top of these HealthForce 2020 Goals, the Company has also expanded its drive to other areas such as Healthy Finances (i.e., Flexible Benefits) and Healthy Careers (i.e., Career Caravans, Rotation programs).

In our desire to drive more meaningful work and family life integration, we continue to provide programs that allow our employees to be their best both at work and at home. Some of our market-leading practices include:

  • Expanded parental leave– apart from longer maternity leave, we have significantly extended paternity and adoption leaves to 8 weeks
  • Free on-site day care center that doubles as pre-school
  • Global breastmilk shipping program that enables nursing mothers to take care of their infants while travelling
  • Flexible Work Arrangements including “work from home” arrangements and summer compressed work weeks
  • Healthcare coverage extended to dependents, with option to increase coverage and expand to other family members
  • Educational excellence incentives for employees’ children
  • Calamity assistance
  • Employee initiated special interest groups (Eco-Warriors, Music Club, Dance Club, Spiritual Nourishment Group, etc.)

With our D&I Mission of “be yourself, change the world”, we believe every employee should come to work without the fear of bias and discrimination.
Our D&I programs include:

  • Making “unconscious bias” training mandatory
  • On Women: ensure at least 50% of leadership roles are held by women by 2020, promote more women in the STEM field, and offer career mentorship to young female talents
  • On Millennials: ensure at least 50% of leadership roles are held by millennials by 2020, give students from untapped universities a chance to work at J&J (done through a university case competition called ELITE), and give early-in-career talents career and development support
  • For the LGBTQ++ Community: gender-neutral restrooms, shared diverse stories from members of LGBTQ+ community through a “what’s your story” educational campaign, and changed HR policies to be more inclusive such as coverage for domestic and same-sex partners under our healthcare plan (implemented January 2019)

In J&J, it is part of our business and way of life to give back to our community in ensuring a holistic and people-centric approach to human health. The Company offers employees various opportunities to get involved in diverse causes such as maternal/infant health, children’s rights and education, environmental protection, mental health, calamity and emergency preparedness, public hygiene, HIV/AIDS, and others. Our Company allows up to 2 paid days-off for community work. “Brighter Future” is one of the top activities we are always advocating which aims to reduce maternal and newborn deaths during childbirth. With the help from employee pledges, we are continuously providing survival kits and imparting education to healthcare workers, helping save over 2,000 lives to date.

Our Credo demands that we always put Our Customers, Our Employees and Our Community first. Our Company knows that if we deliver on these core responsibilities, our stockholders will continue to reap great returns.

At Johnson & Johnson– even as our products, business models, and talent strategy evolve over time – at our core, Our Credo remains. This ensures our continued success for decades to come.