Global Business Power Corporation (GBP) is a leading energy company in the Visayas Region and Mindoro Island with Corporate Headquarters in Makati City. Our Company produces adequate, reliable and cost-efficient power supply through five subsidiaries that operate eleven power generation facilities. Having diversified power generationfacilities that are capable of supplying base, intermediate, peak load and ancillary support, we offer flexible energy solutions that can serve the varying power requirements of the market.

GBP’s success is founded on strategic partnerships, solid technical expertise, efficient operations and sound financial standing. A joint venture among Beacon PowerGen Holdings, Inc. (56%), JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (30%) and Meralco PowerGen (14%), GBP has established its position as one of the notable power industry players in the country as it enjoys strong ties with the prime movers in the energy sector. GBP is actively involved in nation building through enlightening lives and empowering progress.

By 2030, to be the foremost provider of sustainable energy solutions, utilizing diversified sources and innovative technologies, in the pursuit of enlightening lives and empowering progress.

We raise the quality of life of the Filipinos and fuel the economic development of the nation by providing efficient and competitive energy services through investment in people and innovative technologies.

• Passion for Excellence
• Innovation
• Ownership
• Integrity
• Care for Environment
• Teamwork
• Care for Employees

Our corporate office is located strategically at the heart of Makati City. It occupies two floors of the GT Tower International building, with a total workforce of 132 regular employees.

In order to fulfill our vision, we require competent, dynamic and diversified employees and therefore, we are committed to provide highly competitive benefits that is above industry standards. Benefits are meant to enhance the
well-being of the employees and is aligned with one of our corporate values of “Care for Employees”.

Our comprehensive benefits system includes guaranteed bonuses, clothing, rice, and medicine allowances, health and life insurance, provident fund and retirement plan, leave benefits, flexible working schedule, and learning and
development opportunities.

Aside from those, we offer various rewards and recognition systems such as Performance Bonuses, Merit Increase, Promotions, and Employee Awards like Service Award, Values Champion Awards, and Employee of the Year. Our
rewards and recognition system aims to recognize deserving employees who meet or exceed the organization’s work and behaviour expectations. This reward system supports the Company’s culture of excellence, and help fuel
employees’ drive to excel in meeting organizational targets both individually and as a team.

Our 2017 Employee Engagement Survey results indicate that 80% of our employees are highly engaged and are proud to be part of the organization. The top three (3) engagement factors are career growth, compensation and benefits and fulfilling job roles. The engagement results are supported by the attrition rate which is 5% average in the past years.

Our Employee programs design is based on best practices and employee feedback, as well as the analysis of its people investments. The programs aim to intensify employee engagement and build collaborative relationships through the implementation of relevant and values-oriented company events such as Investors in People (IiP) Certification initiative, GBP Coaching Café, Health and Wellness Programs, Employee Appreciation Day, Monthly Birthday
Celebrations with the President, Team Building, CSR Activities, and Values Embedding Programs.

At GBP, the results of people investments are being evaluated and tracked to improve performance across all levels of our organization.

Anchored on the new vision to become a total sustainable energy solutions provider, we aim to become an employer of choice through our culture of excellence and innovation. We pride ourselves in providing quality training to both the operations and support teams, enabling employees to approach real-world problems with novel ideas and solutions. Our employees are known to be technically competent and results-oriented, with a strong sense of
ownership in their respective roles in the company.

Beyond excellence, we also strive to cultivate a passion for service among our employees. Our motto, “Enlightening Lives, Empowering Progress,” best exemplifies this culture. With the company’s vision and business objectives
cascaded at every level of the organization, each employee gains a wider understanding of the role our company plays in nation-building. Grounded in the company’s thrust, employees regularly participate in outreach programs,
and are routinely mobilized for relief assistance drives in times of calamities and disasters.