C3 | Customer Contact Channels (C3) is experienced at transforming engagements into experiences and conversations into lasting relationships.

We create high performing omnichannel experiences, flexible homebased digital workforce solutions, and possess deep industry knowledge, focused on delivering high ROI experiences. Our strong relationships and extensive knowledge in healthcare, transportation and logistics, media and communications, technology and consumer retails industries, enable us to nurture innovations for the brands of tomorrow.

As the flagship brand in the Everise family, we seek to elevate experiences every day for both our customers and employees. Our strategy is to create a purpose-driven culture built on top of three core values: being peoplefirst, celebrating diversity, and incubating innovation. In the past year, C3 Philippines has rolled out multiple policies and initiatives to bring this to life.

At C3, we operate with a firm belief that what’s good for our people is good for the company. As a people-first organization, we promote open and honest communication through multiple local and global communication channels. Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to fully utilize the tools at our disposal, including a monthly newsletter and Teams’ chat. We also encourage engagement on our social media channels, and we foster leadership through regular video calls.

In order to ensure that HR information is always accessible, we partnered with Hyperlab to create an advanced AI Assistant, Ana. Ana improves candidates’ onboarding experience, intelligently guides them from job search to their first day and provides them with constant access to information regarding our culture and work environment. Our sophisticated virtual assistant interacts directly with job seekers to provide real-time job openings and assists them with applications. Once a candidate is hired, Ana executes a T-30 engagement program that’s designed to keep them well informed through SMS and her easy-to-chat-with mobile app.

Other initiatives include C3 Cares, and strong recognition and referral programs.

Being a global organization, we strive to ensure that our offices welcome all cultures, races, and religions by spotlighting every new hire. We take pride in showcasing our diversity with a focus on gender equality. Some of our best practices to challenge stereotypes and forge a more gender-balanced workplace, involve expanding our candidate pool, eliminating unconscious bias, and minimizing the gender pay gap. We make sure all employees have access to internal opportunities as we practice social inclusion to address worklife balance issues.

As a global experience company, we have also launched a global exchange program to further open career paths for high-performing employees and to promote the sharing of knowledge and culture across our offices around the world.

As part of Everise, C3 has a powerful founder mentality that runs from the management down to all levels. It’s about striking a balance between autonomy and alignment.

Here at C3, we know how important it is to be empowered and to have the support our leaders and founders. Striking this balance with our leadership team and harnessing the passion of some of the companies we’ve acquired, is one of our key successes.

We’ve incubated award-winning HR Tech. This year alone, we’ve won 2 APAC Stevies Awards, and HR Excellence Awards for Innovative Use of Technology.

HR Asia has spoken and named us as one of the best places to work in. On Glassdoor, C3 Philippines has achieved a 4.2 rating in comparison to our competitors who have an average of 3.75. In addition, 80 percent of our employees would recommend us to a friend.

Our diversity initiatives have also paid off, and we’re proud to say that our efforts have also helped us achieve amazing diversity results. With an equal balance in leadership positions, 60 percent of our offices employ women.

“Our secret to success has been our ability to focus on harnessing the power of diversity across our group of companies and use this to incubate innovation for ourselves and our clients.”
– Sudhir Agarwal, Global CEO of Everise & C3

“I absolutely love the people I work with day In and day out. I learn something new every day and truly love everything about my job.”
– People Manager

“The company culture is overall very positive, outspoken, collaborative, motivating, creative, and inspiring.”
– People Manager