Saturday, June 25, 2022

As the enabler of Malaysia’s Digital Nation, TM is the trusted service provider, committed to connect its customers from all segments – consumers, SMEs, enterprises, and the public sector. Our vision is “To Make Life and Business Easier, for a Better Malaysia” and we fulfil this by providing converged communications services and solutions in fixed, mobility, WiFi, content, ICT, Cloud and Smart Services.

In TM, our people are the backbone of the organisation. We would not be where we are today without our dedicated workforce. We believe that by creating a conducive work environment, we are able to draw upon their full potential. This empowers the workforce and helps drive a sustainable working team. The overall well-being of our employees is vital for our organisation as we view each individual as part of Warga TM.

We provide a nurturing workplace that is diverse, inclusive and collaborative, where Talent Management is the foundation in developing our leadership line-up. TM’s Talent Management Framework comprises of identifying, building and sustaining leaders at all levels starting with nurturing our scholarship students through Yayasan TM (TM Foundation) all the way to TM’s senior management.

As part of our digital journey, we have developed various programs which emphasise on up-skilling our employees. Structured trainings are provided for all employee levels starting from new entry until retirement. We ensure our talent are provided with sufficient training and development opportunities to tap into their full potential. Innovative learning solutions and training programmes have been designed and delivered towards developing a skilled and productive workforce and enhancing customer experience. These programmes aim to enhance employees’ digital capabilities, mindset change, technical skills, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and leadership skills.

As part of our internal digitisation efforts, we have introduced a number of apps and other digital platforms that enhance the work experience of our employees, while creating a more mobile and digital savvy workforce. HR functions such as internal job application, performance tracking and internal communication are made easier through mobile apps including:

  • ERA – an app where employees can apply for job vacancies within TM. Through ERA, employees are also able share their happiness level through a situational-based survey called SMILE. This enables us to track employee engagement levels and job applications in real-time.
  • GROW – allows employees to manage their performance goals and appraisals
  • TM Medic – provides access to various medical services such as medical utilisation information and also to request for Guarantee letters.
  • Flow – internal communication tool with multiple features including individual and group chats, video calls, file transfer and task assignment.

Comprehensive benefit is fundamental in attracting and retaining a highly competitive workforce. We realize that job satisfaction is key to the long-term success of a company.
All our employees are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Wellness & Medical benefits
    • Flexi-Medical Benefits Plan that covers both employees and immediate families
    • Executive Health Screening & sick leave
  • Work life benefits
    • Paid Annual Leave, Paid/unpaid study leave, Grandparents leave, Childcare Subsidy, Maternity/Paternity Leave, compassionate leave.
    • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).
  • Financial Assistance & Other benefits
    • Housing, Vehicle & Computer Loans
    • Special Offers for TM Products & Services & Club Membership
    • Special rate of monthly unifi subscriptions for TM employees

We understand the importance of work-life balance thus we offer various flexible working arrangements options for our employees.

  • Annual Leave Purchase: Flexibility to purchase additional annual leave days
  • Self-Declared Recovery Leave: Flexibility to apply for sick leave without the need for medical certificate from a doctor.
  • Flexiweek: Flexibility to work 4 days a week, with proportionate salary adjustment
  • Flexihour: Flexibility to reduce work hours every day, with proportionate salary adjustment
  • FlexiSpace (Work from Anywhere): Flexibility to choose work location supported by digital tools

We are proud to say that our Employee Engagement Index (EEI) has been consistently higher than the global average for telecommunication companies. In 2017, we conducted the TM Happiness Survey, to gauge our employees’ happiness and engagement and our score falls within the top 25.0% amongst organisations in South East Asia. In 2018, we introduced SMILE, a platform which enables employees to share their happiness level anytime, anywhere where we can track our employee engagement level in real-time.

We regard our employee engagement programmes as a platform to improve employees’ morale and motivation. This covers dialogue sessions with top leaders, award & recognition, employees’ welfare, CSR programmes, festivities celebration, town hall sessions (‘Jom Bersama GCEO’, ‘Turun Padang’, ‘Jom Sembang’ with leaders sessions, Business Roadshows and Line of Business Conventions) and comprehensive health and fitness programmes.
This year, we launched the #Yes2Health campaign aimed to promote health and well-being among the employees. This campaign includes workout programmes, health checks, sports activities such as cycling, running and bowling as well as frequent health tips. A 24-hour gym is available at our office to further encourage an active lifestyle. Additionally, we also offer a dedicated counselling programme called Life Coach to support and promote the well-being of our employees.

Our efforts towards establishing a reputable employer branding has been recognized as ‘Employer of Choice’ in various external platforms:

  • Graduates’ Choice Award 2019
  • MEF Employer Excellence Award 2019
  • Top 100 Asia’s Best Employer Brands 2019
  • Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards 2019
  • Malaysia Best Employer Brand Awards 2018
  • HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2017
  • Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2017