Saturday, June 25, 2022

OSK Holdings Berhad (OSK), the holding company of OSK Group, has been listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities since 1991. OSK began operations in 1963 as a small stock broking company before growing into a regional investment bank in 2007 under OSK Investment Bank Berhad, which was subsequently merged into the RHB Banking Group in 2012. In 2015, OSK Property Holdings Berhad and PJ Development Holdings Berhad became subsidiaries of OSK Group.

Today, OSK Group is a conglomerate with diversified business interests in Property Development & Investment, Financial Services, Construction, Industries and Hospitality, with a presence in Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia with over 2,000 employees.

At OSK, we subscribe to a 70:20:10 model where we continuously aim to facilitate knowledge transfer, improve employee engagement and systematically build a culture of continuous learning and development. This is done through trainings and workshops where employees are given ample opportunities for career development. Each year, we invest in various training programmes in order to enhance our employees’ abilities and capabilities to cope with the changes and new trends surfacing in the marketplace, which eventually provides opportunities for them to learn and grow at work.

At the outset, we put the Balanced Scorecard to work as it provides a comprehensive framework that translates a company’s strategic objectives into a coherent set of performance measurements. In turn, everyone is on the same page and understands the company’s financial, customer, internal process and learning and growth key performance indicators.

We have a Leadership Competency Framework in place to nurture leadership qualities and to better equip our employees to drive business performance as well as generate business continuity. Leveraging on our internal capabilities to develop our employees, we introduced an initiative called “Leaders as Coaches”. These trainings were aimed to build ownership among Senior Managers to develop their teams in line with our People Driven value.

We also launched a Leadership Development Programme for Group Leaders to address a number of competencies including self-mastery through reflection, emotional intelligence required to inspire performance, cultivating networks and partnerships, and also coaching and developing others.

In promoting individual growth and learning, we frequently organise talks on various subjects from technical and leadership topics to softer skills such as self-defence and grooming.

In building talents and supporting the organisation’s future business growth and sustainability, we have developed the Young Leaders and Graduate Trainee programmes to provide opportunities for young potential leaders to fast track their careers as well as have exposure to mentoring and coaching by experienced leaders in the Group.

OSK engages employees on a regular basis to seek their views on a broad range of issues from the work environment to employee feedback. Some of the business units also hold regular townhall meetings and sales conferences to foster better relationship between employees and the management.

Each year, we carry out numerous surveys among employees to provide management with ideas and insights from the ground. These surveys are reviewed by management with action plans being formulated as required to tackle the issues that surfaced. In 2018, we recorded a group-wide engagement index score of 68.6%, which was higher than the Global Engagement Index score at 65.0%.

Arising from the feedback from employees, OSK introduced a staggered hours system for employees based at OSK’s headquarters in Plaza OSK to provide employees with greater flexibility at work. The Group is mindful that flexible work arrangements promote work-life balance, especially for parents or caregivers to elderly parents which make it convenient for them to manage their daily routine without compromising on working hours.

In bridging OSK with the communities, OSK Foundation’s Gifts of Hope programme serves as a platform for OSK employees to participate in the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes through contribution towards a donation drive as well as volunteering at the festive gatherings with the beneficiaries. The programmes are carried out during the four national major festivals, and at the same time, we also encourage various business divisions to organise their own initiatives to give back to society.

At OSK, we strive to recognise our employees’ contributions and celebrate their successes. Remuneration and increment allocations are aligned to market surveys while the bonus pot allocations are dependent on the financial indicators of the business divisions and the Company’s performance as a whole. Some of our business divisions also hold their own awards nights to celebrate successes with their respective teams.

Believing in the value of social gatherings, the Group also organises several activities throughout the year to bring together the management and employees. This include Annual Dinners, sporting tournaments, movie nights and weekly fitness classes.
We are also mindful of creating a safe and healthy workplace for our employees. Throughout the year, the Group organises various training workshops such as first aid, fire safety and many others in order to equip our employees to be able to respond to emergency situations. Aside from that, the Group also shares updates on pertinent health and safety topics through our employees’ portal.

At OSK, we are supportive of health and wellness initiatives for our employees for the many positive business benefits it offers, which include greater productivity, improved job satisfaction, and better quality of life.