Technology has made the world smaller, but the challenges of delivering a truly global experience are more challenging than ever. Globee is Asia’s leading Multilingual Customer Experience Hub, where native speakers support their fellow native speakers.

Our state-of-the-art centre combines the best of both companies to deliver high-performing omni-channel customer experiences, connecting Fortune 500 companies and the world’s most loved unicorns to over 20 languages and cultures. As a result, we’ve built a truly unique culture around celebrating diversity, in all its forms.

Our employee engagement activities include cultural celebrations, monthly FriYay’s, feasts and more. We offer all our staff English Language training and help supervisor candidates accelerate their careers through our Accelerator program. Our experience centre also offers a Digital Lab for employees to experiment with and innovate new technologies.

Globee is a joint venture between global experience company, Everise, and UBASE, Korea’s largest Customer Management provider.

“I love working in such a unique and diverse work environment. We learn so much from each other that we use that broaden our horizons and improve our work.”
— Nina Salazar Pingol, Manager, Human Resources

“As soon as you step into the office, you can feel the energy. From the desks to the breakroom, employees are engaged. I’m proud of the culture we’ve created here, it really speaks to the ability of Malaysia’s promise to be ‘truly Asia.”
— Jerome Travis Martyn, Director, Business Development

“Globee is a one-of-a-kind experience centre. Nowhere else in the world can you attract and engage such a diverse pool of talent. We have created something really special here that will continue to grow.”
— Sudhir Agarwal, CEO, Everise (parent company)

“We are delighted to welcome Globee’s inspired move to set up base in Malaysia! We see this as another testament to Malaysia’s growing potential as a platform for transformational ventures. We believe Globee’s expertise and knowledge transfer will elevate the customer experience aspect of the Global Business Services (GBS) sector in Malaysia to greater heights.”
— Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation during the inauguration of Globee in March, 2018