Ever wondered how our lives had been digitally transformed over the past decade? The way we shop, the way our lives are made more efficient, the way our education systems have evolved. Whenever you download a software, read an e-book, play a video game, or shop online, there is a good chance that Arvato is active behind the scenes as an IT service provider.

Arvato is a leading international service provider that lives and breathes digital technology. Every industry requires IT systems and infrastructures tailored to its needs. With over 70,000 digital leaders in over 40 countries today, Arvato is dedicated to high-level technical knowledge and industry expertise. The company focuses on designing and implementing customised digital solutions—covering areas such as digital marketing, financial services, customer relations management, supply chain management, and IT services—for a wide range of industries.

Our daily mission at Arvato is to break new grounds in the work of digital transformation and come up with innovative IT solutions. And it all begins with change within our work culture. At Arvato Systems Malaysia, we leverage on information technology and creative ideas to solve highly complex problems for businesses as well as to enhance the lives of individuals and communities. Our management philosophy is empower our people with the freedom to share their creative thoughts, ideas and inspiration. There is the liberty to think, act and grow like an entrepreneur with us—every member of Arvato is not merely an employee but an integral part of our family with the opportunity to determine Arvato’s way forward to innovation and commercial success. We build a culture of independence and flexibility that fosters a superior sense of ownership within our people. One can hardly feel the presence of hierarchy or find silos here. We believe it is easier to break boundaries when we view our co-workers as partners.

The skills and conduct of our digital leaders are crucial to Arvato’s success. Hence, we believe in investing heavily in the professional development of our people. At Arvato Systems Malaysia, we support the growth of our employees with a comprehensive career development plan. Our talents can opt between management and expertise development paths in our dual career development track models which gives them plenty of opportunities to grow their expertise or gain new skills and experiences through programs and courses conducted by industry professionals. Arvato’s career development programmes and courses cover professional certifications; social skills and soft skills training; technical training, overseas training and work experiences; brown bag sessions; leadership and technical development programmes; boot camps and employee exchange programme; as well as Innovation Day. This is accompanied by our active corporate culture which guides aspiring talents towards their professional goals with career coaching, effective performance reviews and regular constructive dialogues between supervisors and employees. We know that Arvato Systems Malaysia is only as good as the employees who work here. That is why we concentrate on drawing diverse talent and developing them, whether employees are new to the company or have been with us for years.

Trust is at the core of our relationship with employees. Flexibility is at the core of our working culture. We are confident that our talents are capable of excellence. Therefore, our management gives freedom to our employees to design how they want to work. Need a workstation? Or perhaps a conference room for team collaborations? Why not try working in our break-out area for that café experience—aromatic coffee with ambient jazz vibes? At Arvato Systems Malaysia, our office is designed to be conducive for productivity, creativity and collaboration.

We understand that people perform their best when they are able to view themselves as professionals and have access to abundant time and energy to invest in their personal lives. At Arvato Systems Malaysia, we foster a corporate culture based on partnership and place the utmost value on balance in all facets of employees’ lives. We actively support employees when it comes to balancing their professional and personal responsibilities. Our working culture is thoughtfully designed to welcome employees with a fun working experience and environment to look forward to every day while building strong bonds and social support system within the company. We have put in place; benefits and programmes that include flexi work arrangements; work-from-home or work-from-home policies; birthday, childcare, parental, sabbatical and flexi leaves; flexi benefit schemes; as well as company sports programmes and sponsored activities.

Being a part of Arvato Systems Malaysia means that we take part in Arvato’s daily mission to break new grounds in the work of digital transformation. It means that the company believes in and supports our growth and development as a professional. You get to work with and learn from diverse talents and dedicated digital leaders across the globe who share a common vision. You have a team who is accountable for your growth, willing to spur you on and be on the journey to grow with you. At Arvato your ideas are valued. You will see how your thoughts and perspective impact the company’s growth and its clients’ success. Our culture is the perfect blend of excellence, diversity and fun—the key to this company’s continuous success.