Sinar Mas Mining (SMM) is one of Sinar Mas business pillars engaging in exploration, mining, marketing and trading of thermal coal. We are one of Indonesia’s largest coal reserve owners with mine concessions located in East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, Jambi, and South Sumatera Basin.

As one of big conglomerates in Indonesia, SMM practices the 6 values that have been passed down through generations and forms the backbone of how SMM conducts business. The Sinar Mas 6 values are Integrity, Positive Attitude, Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Innovative, and Loyalty. The values guide and shape the management decisions and employees’ behaviors in the workplace. To promote the innovative value, SMM is aggressively investing in digital transformation across organization. The Group CEO, who is also our founder, believes technology plays an integral part in maintaining SMM’s competitiveness and sustainability in facing the industry 4.0 era.

SMM embraces technology to support operational excellence to strengthen the Smart Mining practices. As well, the digital practices across the organization has increased digital employee experience. Providing employees with mobile phones and Wi-Fi across premises drive digital culture. Pay slips, medical claims, leaves, business travels, personal data updates, performance appraisals and coaching, office services, safety trainings and certifications are some of HR digitization processes, on top of recruitment and hiring, employee assessment, and organization structure.

SMM encourages career development and mobility across business units through a structured Leadership Development Program to develop future leaders, which comprises Graduate Development Program, Management Development Program, Executive Competency Development Program, Leaders Development Program, and Senior Leaders Development Program. As well, SMM provides technical and professional certifications categorized into 5 pillars of discipline, which are Science and Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, Legal, and General Management. SMM also engages with world class MOOC providers that host online university-level courses on a wide range of disciplines that enable employees to access learning anywhere and anytime. Other than learning programs, SMM promotes leaders from within culture through transfer, rotation, internal hiring, and promotions.

Coming from different business units, employees are welcome to work and collaborate with other employees from different entities, work locations, background and generations in the form of projects, such as safety automation (SID Beats), sourcing digitization (SAP Ariba), etc. The workplace design embraces open communication and collaboration among employees and functional units that enable employees to share knowledge and build a ‘can do attitude’ with creativity towards their jobs. The workplace that looks like a café with colorful design, mural wall, catchy corner, open space implies a fun working experience. The community areas, discussion rooms, no-wire meeting rooms, break out areas, phone booths, healthy drink corners, mother’s rooms, prayer’s rooms, employee shuttle bus, playground, quiet rooms, shower and grooming rooms, and a soon to set up in-house gym, to boost employee wellness, employee relationship, and improve the employee productivity. The smart office practices are aimed to encourage employees to speak up and give input and feedback through available communication channels (both online and offline channels), including regular employee surveys.

SMM supports employee’s wellbeing programs that create wellness, togetherness, and happiness through family and or employee gatherings, employees’ break-fasting (Buka Bersama), Ied Celebration (Halal Bihalal), Christmas gathering, town hall, leaders quarterly workshop, etc. We support the employee community club based on hobbies, such as futsal, basket, soccer, golf, bike, photography, and music. Through the employee club events, employees not only can give back to community, but also can exercise their hobbies with colleagues.

SMM recognizes the importance of difference, respect and equality as part of its commitment to inclusion and diversity. We are given time and freedom to pray, including at a mosque which is only a short walk from the office. Every year, employees are given additional leave (without deducting the annual leave) to celebrate the religious festivals and also for employees who want to perform the pilgrimage. We promote gender equality practices, including extending medical benefits to husbands and dependents (children) of female employees. SMM also conducts Pay and Benefits benchmarking on a regular basis to enable us to continually attract the best talents and maintain our competitiveness in the market.

SMM is actively involved in the sustainability of the surrounding areas of our concessions. Our corporate social responsibility programs have won awards in the areas of environmental and society development. We help the communities to increase their quality of life in four areas – education, health, economics and social. We build hospitals, vocational universities and schools. We transformed the local cocoa farming by revitalizing the end-to-end processes to increase yields for the farmers. Now, cocoa became the second largest plantation commodity in the region. We also developed cattle farming (livestock) that helped to increase the income level of the farming community. We also contribute to the building of infrastructures that support the economic life of the communities, such as power plant, bridges, mosques, residential areas, etc.