Saturday, May 28, 2022

Our roots go all the way back to 1895, when Daniel Swarovski, a Bohemian jeweler, patented an electric cutting machine that cuts crystal more precisely than by hand. He founded Swarovski in the small town of Wattens, high in the Austrian Alps; the ideal destination for Swarovski’s first production site. Daniel’s vision was to use crystal to create “a diamond for everyone” and our Swarovski crystals soon caught the eye and sparked the imagination of customers all around the world – including the leading couturiers of Paris.

Since the early eighties, Swarovski has had a presence in Hong Kong. As our business expanded and flourished, we moved into direct consumer selling through our retail boutiques. Swarovski Hong Kong is a strong driver of our retail business and component business in the Asia Pacific Region.

Currently, we have around 450 employees with a diverse and international background, working in a cross-functional way together to achieve our ambitious goals every day.


We believe exceptional employee experience will give Swarovski a competitive edge. Only highly engaged and enabled employees will make us successful.

Sparkling pre-onboarding and onboarding
Such exceptional experience starts from pre-onboarding, we value opportunities in meeting talents in the market to learn their experiences and career aspirations. Potential employees may receive a sparkling gift during the hiring process.

Our well-structured and comprehensive 90-days onboarding process enables new employees to fully integrate into the Swarovski culture. They will find a supportive and optimized work environment where they feel committed to put their maximum efforts into their daily work.

It’s not just a job; it’s a career
It’s not just a job; it’s a career. We are committed to develop our employee’s careers and unleash their potential. At Swarovski, opportunities to develop are everywhere. Our employees can find the careers unique to themselves. With the 70:20:10 learning model, stretch assignments, tasks and projects will be adopted in addition to classroom training in developing them. The digital learning space offering a flexible platform enables our employees’ lifelong learning at any time. Through the talent review and succession planning process, we can assess and identify the top, rising and valued talents in our talent pool. The Swarovski Leadership Academy programs in London and Corporate Mentoring program will enhance their further development. In addition, the Swarovski Sales Academy and Retail Academy strategically develop our B2B sales teams and retail frontline teams in line with our business direction and meeting the fast-changing business environment.

Caring for our people
Swarovski not only supports our employees at the workplace but also in their personal lives. We celebrate birthdays, weddings and newborns by offering generous perks, for example birthday leave, fully paid maternity and paternity leave and baby gifts.

We understand the importance of work-life balance. Good employee wellness – social, emotional, physical and spiritual – is crucial so that employees come to work with positive energy. They can join the Running team for regular exercises and social networking with peers from other business units. Or, they can join different DIY workshops to learn craftsmanship. Last but the least, they can join our signature employee activity – annual outing – for relaxation and recharging.

Parent-child time is important and precious to every working parent in the fast-paced society in Hong Kong. Therefore, in Summer, our office is open to employees’ kids’ visit. Employees can enjoy different activities with their kids in one working afternoon.

Making a difference for tomorrow
At Swarovski, employees have the opportunity in making a difference for tomorrow. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been embedded in the way we do business since our company was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. This tradition is maintained up till today in how we strive to add sparkle to the everyday lives of our employees, customers and suppliers and the broader community on a global scale, while protecting the natural environment and seeking to leave a rich legacy for future generations.

Every year, we join or organize different initiatives to give back to the community though events such as Run for Girls, coastline recovery project and UNICEF Run. To encourage staff to join these events the company gives a two-day paid community service leave.


As a brand for which women are a significant part of our consumer base and workforce, we strive to champion women’s empowerment. Our aim is to empower women across our value chain – from those who craft our products to those who wear them.

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, Swarovski launched “The Future Is Equal” campaign- inspiring action to advance equality and create an inclusive world for everyone.

We also joined the Run for Girls to support Plan International Hong Kong -fighting for and promoting girls’ rights and protecting girls in developing countries from discrimination, inequality and violence.

We can’t grow our business without growing our people. Swarovski add sparkles to lives of people – our customers and our employees.