Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited (“Melco”) is a developer, owner and operator of casino gaming and entertainment casino resort facilities, with an expanding international presence.

Established in 2004 and listed on the NASDAQ in 2006, Melco today employs over 21,000 people and operates in three different regions – Macau, the Philippines and Cyprus – with vision for global growth.

Important drivers of success are our people and our culture. Together, they create the highest-quality guest experiences each day in our resorts. At Melco, we are committed to being an employer that people choose to work for and to stay with. It is our Chairman & CEO’s belief that if we care for our colleagues, they will take care of our guests.

We compete on culture as the differentiator. To achieve employee attraction and retention, Melco competes on:
A. Pride in the organization’s reputation and success; and a culture of excellence;
B. Career opportunities;
C. Work environment where people feel valued, cared for and recognized for performance


Our colleagues are very proud of working for an award-winning company with products recognized internationally – highest number of Michelin-Starred Restaurants for any Integrated Resort Operator globally; Forbes 5-Star ratings achieved by all Melco properties – the highest in our industry in Asia. We position Melco as the pinnacle of one’s career for those who wish to work for the best.

We have created a culture of excellence aligned to meet the aspirational brand promises of our premium luxury segment. Our colleagues’ delivery of luxury service is achieved through structured and systematic training programs. A few examples:

Mandatory Orientation – A required induction our colleagues must attend before they begin in their respective departments;

“My First 90 Days” Integration Program – A proprietary program which is a structured integration process to ensure necessary knowledge, skills and expectations are understood. It is customized for every department. We believe that a structured integration process results in more effective retention and productivity.

Customized Consumer Brand & Service Training – A training program to ensure colleagues understand our consumer brand – “what it represents, what it means to me, and what do I do”.

Melco Core Service Standards – A service training consistent across all brands as foundation service behaviors. This is part of the mandatory orientation program.

“Forbes” Standards Training – An extensive training to meet Forbes Five-star standards

Mystery Shoppers – A process which measures our standards. Our colleagues are trained as mystery shoppers. A value-added benefit is that our colleagues become service champions through experiencing the high standards themselves.
Technical skills training – An essential foundation of practical skills and knowledge. It is especially important in the context of our hiring philosophy to “hire attitude, potential, image and train on skills.”


We believe career direction and development opportunities are essential for attraction and retention of the best talent. Our hiring philosophy is “Hire attitude, potential and image; train on skills”. This philosophy enables our internal career policy, and initiatives such as our Foundation Acceleration Program:

Internal Career Opportunity
We provide career growth and expansion through internal career opportunities.

Our policy mandates that most vacancies be internally posted, and where qualifications are equal, priority should be given to the internal candidate. This facilitates cross functional career paths through consideration of transferrable traits instead of exact experience.

We want our colleagues to feel that they can grow within the organization without having to go to a competitor; resulting in greater retention. For 2018, 40% of filled vacancies were taken by internal colleagues. Since our inception, the company has offered 26,250 internal promotions and transfers.

Foundation Acceleration Program (FAP)
FAP is designed to enhance our colleagues’ understanding of business perspectives beyond their own jobs. It can be short/long-term assignments, or a glimpse into areas or skills outside of their normal jobs.


As a provider of premium luxury service, we also invest in the design of our “Heart-of-House,” what is traditionally called the “back of house.” We call it “Heart-of-House” as it is analogous to how the heart is essential, our colleagues are vital to our success.

We host abundant activities for our colleagues. Since 2009, we have held more than 1,200 employee activities, an average of 10 events per month. With the opening in 2018 of the Macau ESports Stadium, we also hosted a tournament for our colleagues.

Melco is very proud of and inspired by our colleagues’ dedication to giving back through volunteerism. We are equally dedicated to thanking our volunteers through various programs, including the annual Volunteer Recognition Event.

Hardship Assistance
In situations when our colleagues face extraordinary circumstances (e.g. medical or natural disaster), Melco as well as personal donations from fellow colleagues and the Chairman & CEO help alleviate hardships. In extreme cases, our Chairman & CEO has further stepped in to personally assist.

Hope Scholarship
Hope Scholarship is offered for those who are facing extraordinary circumstances which would otherwise prevent them from meeting the relevant academic criteria.