At Li & Fung, we believe in the principle of “Freedom Within a Framework”. As a multinational company whose core businesses are engaged in supply chain solutions and logistics, we rely on our people to be innovative and entrepreneurial to achieve excellence. By offering them a standardized platform with tools and guidelines, we hope to empower them to excel in their jobs while maintaining stewardship of the Li & Fung brand.

We are committed to maintaining a respectful workplace free from any form of discrimination, exploitation and harassment, and providing equal opportunities for all our people in relation to international declarations on human and labor rights. We affirm these commitments in our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. Policies and guidelines for addressing the Code are implemented in the acquisition of new business and through our ongoing recruitment, training, performance assessment, disciplinary and grievance processes.


The health, safety and wellbeing of our people are important to us. Our strategy and programs are tailored to support the wellbeing of our people and meet specific occupational health and safety requirements of different working environments within our offices. To support the needs and to meet the legal requirements, we ensure that our working hours and benefits, and other terms of employment, are tailored.

Alongside legal requirements, Li & Fung offers a five-day work week, Marriage Leave, Compassionate Leave, Volunteer Leave to our people. We have a Colleague Privilege Scheme for those who get married or have a newborn child. We also have caring facilities such as lactation rooms, a fitness center and relaxation zones in our offices for employees’ unlimited access.


Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce is a core engagement initiative at Li & Fung. We believe providing an entrepreneurial and respectful environment encourages long-term commitment to the company. We launch initiatives to raise awareness, change perceptions and empower our people to celebrate diversity and engage in conversations on ways to foster an inclusive working environment. Each year we hold multiple events to share our goals and encourage dialogues and innovative thinking across geographical locations. Through town halls, annual conferences, team meetings and other events, our people connect to learn from seasoned professionals and collaborate with peers to share ideas.

OneFamily, our internal communication platform, is a key tool that connects our people around the world through interviews, stories, blogs and social feeds. Our people share their thoughts and ideas instantly through OneTouch, a self-service app, and form communities with colleagues who have the same interests and passions or work in the same role. We have brought in a new human resources information system, Workday, to provide a single point of view on different aspects of human capital across the entire organization. Leaders and managers are empowered to manage full employee lifecycle— from staffing to compensation to career growth—at their own pace.

We believe that building a strong learning culture is vital in the evolution of our company. In our current Three-Year Plan, we are focused on enabling a digital ecosystem by designing and delivering talent development solutions that enhance the core business capabilities and foster a business mindset that is future-ready. We partner with our leaders to provide them with effective tools and knowledge to embed talent initiatives into our organizational culture, and to help them build and maintain the talent pipeline and facilitate learning for continued organizational development.

To ensure our people leverage their talents and develop skills and competencies, we provide development programs focusing on leadership, broadening professional knowledge and enhancing productivity. Flexible learning channels from online and classroom courses, on-the-job experience, networking and mentoring, to cross-border opportunities are provided.


We believe creating and bringing positive impact to local communities goes together with business success. Putting purpose at the core of what we do, we provide resources and support for volunteering projects that are close to our heart. Not only does community engagement allow developing deeper understanding in local communities, but also allows us to attract and retain talents. Working hand in hand, our communities and people share knowledge and skills, grow, develop and transform together.

Our corporate foundation, Li & Fung Foundation, focuses on three areas: (1) activating communities, (2) convening our partners along the supply chain and (3) focusing on exponential impact.

(1) Activating communities
We channel our expertise, interests, time and talent around the world to raise awareness and solve social and environmental needs. Through global campaigns and locally-organized activities, we encourage and support our people to utilize their skills to help transform lives and contribute to the wellbeing of local communities. We encourage colleagues to make use of their eight-hour volunteer leave for activities they support in their communities.

(2) Convening our Partners along the Supply Chain
Our unique position as part of the global supply chain enables us to leverage our networks, people and partnerships for impact, to implement specific projects that build sustainable, shared values for all stakeholders.
As convening catalysts, we recognize the power of collaboration to bring about change in the industry, so we partner with customers, suppliers and other industry stakeholders around the world to address the development challenges our industry faces.

(3) Focusing on Exponential Impact
We believe the power of exponential thinking and actions create a better world for our people, communities, and stakeholders along the supply chains. We harness technology, information, networks and passion to implement scalable initiatives that can be expanded to positively impact substantial numbers of beneficiaries. We aim to lead and be part of great change in the world by partnering with companies and organizations inside and outside of our ecosystem.