Saturday, May 28, 2022

If you are ready for a world full of digital challenges and if curiosity motivates you to work harder, then this might be the place for you! Having the opportunity also means you must be bold and innovative enough to learn something new every day.

Workplace policies and practices
Being a company under the JTH Group, a member of the Fortune Global 500-listed Jardine Matheson Group, JOS practices high integrity and continuously implement innovation and best practices to enhance performance. JOS has all the standard offerings that other great companies in the market offer including 5-day work, flexible working hours, pay for performance, recognition programs, etc. But on top of all these, colleagues work hard and play hard to create a different employee and candidate experience. Gamification for engagement and learning, mobile enabled career website and animated job advertisements are just a few exciting happenings that everyone is experiencing. A rejuvenated open office with more vibrant and energetic elements matches well with other innovations.

Employee benefits
The company does not only care about colleagues’ career development, it also cares about colleagues’ health and wellbeing. Activities include but are not limited to sports, festive celebrations, health check/talk, and family fun days. Theme for this year is “We care for your Health”. The company’s Annual Dinner is a signature event that no one would like to miss. A few highlights below:
• “Life-Work Balance Month” was held in October. Activities include eye check, meeting Chinese herbalist, mindfulness-based stress reduction workshop, office stretching class, sports game booth and ping pong games.
• Sport fun day with family was held with 3-on-3 basketball competition, seniors’ badminton show, basketball and badminton classes and game booths for kids.
• Community service activities with NGOs include floor curling games, cooking, accessories making, Walk Up Jardine House and Central Rat Race.
• Distribution of festive gifts to sprinkle little surprises at Mid-Autumn festival, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Dumpling making class was held before Dragon Boat Festival.

Employee Engagement
Gamification apps, named “@OnePlace” and “gLearning” are used for employee engagement and learning respectively.

@OnePlace, a gamification app to connect and engage colleagues from across the region, creates a new employee experience in People On-Boarding program. New colleagues are invited to meet top management and teams from different countries via VR360. Connection with colleagues from other countries has become easy and fun.

@OnePlace includes:
• NewsFlash (Business and management news. Colleagues may like and comment)
• Fun @ JTH (Colleagues may register to join events)
• Innovate (Colleagues may post innovative ideas)
• Praises (Colleagues may praise other colleagues under 4 corporate values)
• Colleagues’ Happy Moments (Share happy moments at work and outside work)
• People on Boarding (Upon completing activities, new joiners will gain bonus points to redeem gift. This is a special gesture to welcome new joiners)

Colleague will gain points by posting, completing activities and getting likes. The points can be used to redeem gifts from the reward store on the app.

gLearning (short for Game Learning) is a learning app. It allows all employees to learn anywhere, anytime. The company promotes “Learning is an attitude” and encourages colleagues to connect, share and learn together via the platform with animated video learning materials, video games, useful information from partners and business and personal sharing by colleagues.

gLearning includes company information, department introduction, corporate governance, business insights, people skills, managers’ corner, and sharing of business and personal learning.
To enhance experience and empower sharing, all colleagues received VR360 goggles and selfie lens as part of this Gamification X VR360 experience.

On top of colleagues actively engaging in sharing and connecting via gamification app, JOS encourages colleagues to gather for social events. Digitalisation and adoption of technology should not replace human touch. Instead, technology should empower connection and interaction and add more fun to the work place.

The company takes seriously its responsibilities to the communities it is part of and encourages colleagues to volunteer for charitable work to serve those in need.

Employer branding
Traditional recruitment methods like submitting CV via email, listing job requirements on website and posting ads onto job-boards could not reach all talents JOS targets. Recruitment innovation is critical to bring talent acquisition to new heights.

Animated job advertisements on social media and career site
• Launched first-in-the-market animated job advertisements on career website and social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Animated job advertisement is a 1-min animated video about the job opening.

Mobile-enabled career site
• Candidates can find jobs, register, upload CV and apply via mobile phone.

Onboarding program in Gamification App (internal social media)
• All new hires, from all countries, are invited to use Gamification App. New hires are encouraged to go through People on-Boarding games, watch top management and other teams’ VR360 videos and do self-enhancement trainings to get familiar with the company. Each colleague receives a pair of VR360 goggles from the company.

Video games
• Young talents should sit back and relax before submitting CV or interviews. So, video games are provided to kill some stress while giving a bit more information about the company.
• Try these games: