Haitong International is a Hong Kong-based Chinese financial service provider with a global footprint. Haitong International aims to become the industry leader with a clear commitment to pioneer new initiatives and services, and accept new challenges and changes. To fulfill the Company’s ambition of becoming a leading international financial institution, Haitong International will continue to strengthen its pillars, including Human Resources.

Haitong International is a learning organization that strives for continuous improvement. Giving employees the right incentives/sponsorship and providing training opportunities are crucial to employees’ motivation and engagement. Employees are encouraged to attend relevant training of at least 20 hours per year and obtain work-related professional qualifications for career development. Over 80 Internal training sessions have been arranged annually covering topics such as global, regional & local investment markets, A-share market, Stock Connect, compliance update, risk management, finance knowledge and skills, management and leadership, and languages.

With over 87% of employees holding a Bachelor’s degree or above, the Company still encourages employees to seek self-development through acquiring higher academic qualification, attending job-related external training courses and acquiring professional qualification by providing incentives such as fee reimbursement for course tuition and examination, cash bonus for obtaining professional qualifications, and study and examination leave.

Haitong International moves towards internationalization and extends its network globally. Haitong International has 1,126 employees in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Japan, India, United Kingdom, Sydney and the United States. With the successful business expansion, the number of foreign employees has increased significantly from 4 in 2013 to more than 220 in 2018. Under the “talent-oriented” philosophy, Haitong International implements a fair recruitment practice and hires based on individual’s competencies. To enhance integration between staffs from different backgrounds and nationalities, Haitong International adopts English as its official communication language.

Promoting Multicultural Integration & Global Exposure
As part of the talent development strategy to prepare our elite talents in leading international businesses, Haitong International has launched Overseas Attachment & Exchange Programs in overseas offices to facilitate the growth of its employees.
Through the China and Hong Kong Integration Programs, Haitong International encourages its employees to understand more about the financial industry development and policies in China through visiting tours, seminars and industry-wise social/recreation events in Beijing & Shanghai; and supporting Mainland China students’ study tours in HK.

Nurturing and Engagement of Young Talent
Haitong International’s core people strategy is to build its own talent pipeline and foster sustainable development in the organization. Haitong International started its Management Trainee (“MT”) Program in 2008, being one of very few Hong Kong-based Chinese financial services providers to launch such a program. We continuously review the program to align with best practices to attract, engage and retain young talents.

Haitong International’s MT Club was established in 2017 with the objectives of nurturing the talent pool for strategic development of the group; enhance cohesiveness and their engagement in the Company; and improve communication and networking among the MTs.

As an innovative and caring employer, Haitong International has set up a “Management Trainee Home Starter Loan Scheme” in 2019 which aims to ease the financial burden for MTs as first time home buyers in Hong Kong.

Employee Reward and Recognition
To retain and motivate employees, Haitong International recognizes and rewards employees for their outstanding performance and contributions from time to time, such as the outstanding staff awards, outstanding sales awards and outstanding cross selling awards. Haitong International also appreciates employee loyalty with long service awards.

Continuous Benefits Enhancement
Haitong International regularly reviews the benefits offered to employees. In 2015, the Company introduced dental benefits to employees. A voluntary medical insurance upgrade was introduced in 2019 to offer better and more flexible medical coverage to employees and their dependents. The e-medical claim mobile app was also launched and adopted by the Company in 2017.

Workplace Enhancement
Haitong International treats workplace safety seriously. A safe, comfortable and healthy working environment boosts productivity and morale while acknowledging the time spent in the office. The office is constantly upgraded to improve workplace facilities. Haitong International also has a well-established policy on Office Area and Facilities Management to ensure all facilities are monitored and maintained in good condition. The Company also encourages a green office environment by reducing paper consumption through the use of digital documents.

Culture & Engagement – Courageous and Sincerity In Action
Haitong International advocates corporate values such as being courageous, innovative & sincere. The Company supports employees to participate in sports events and social community initiatives. In 2018, the Company’s basketball team clinched the Grand Championship in the Chinese Investment Bank Basketball League. Employees are proud to form the biggest cheering team with nearly 100 members. Running teams join competitions in the sector including the Chinese Enterprise Sports Competition and the “Bloomberg Square Mile Relay”.

Haitong International supports the development of social enterprises in Hong Kong, among them, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service who helped create different kinds of business gifts for the Company. Last year, the Company gave its staff SEs Gift Certificates as Mid-Autumn festive gifts to support over 90 social enterprises or fair-trade shops.

Haitong International excels by being innovative; adapting quickly and creatively to the ever-changing markets with forward thinking. Its people strategy will continue to align with business vision to become a leading international investment banking services provider that always strives for continuous improvement, delivering value to its customers and developing our talent with global dynamics and best practices.