Founded in 2004, Virtuos Holdings Pte. Ltd. is a leading videogame content production company with operations in Singapore, China, Vietnam, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, Ireland and the United States.

With 1,600 full-time professionals, Virtuos specializes in game development and 3D art production for AAA consoles, PC and mobile titles, enabling its partners to generate additional revenue and achieve operational efficiency. For over a decade, Virtuos has successfully delivered high quality content for more than 1,300 projects and its partners include 18 of the top 20 digital entertainment companies worldwide.

10 Reasons to Join Virtuos:

  • Contribute to the biggest games and movies in the world
  • Add multiple titles to your portfolio every year
  • Work alongside an elite international team
  • Develop your expertise on the latest platforms and technology
  • Collaborate with world-leading developers
  • Join a fast-growing and stable international company
  • Improve your skills with training and development
  • Enjoy a competitive salary and social benefits
  • Participate in awesome staff activities and company trips
  • Grow as a top-tier digital talent

At Virtuos, we equip trailblazers in our content production industry with the best tools and techniques, and open doors for them to join forces with world class developers and publishers.

We believe that our work is a result of continuous improvement and innovation, and have built a fun and collaborative environment in which miracles come to fruition. All our projects are meticulously developed, with every video game, every movie and TV series elaborately crafted in support of our clients.
To maintain consistently high standards, we are always on the lookout for passionate talent. Virtuos believes that our values, coupled with our customized training and welfare systems, are the core pillars of employee engagement.

Our name, Virtuos, evokes virtuosity – an expertise in craft and innovation. We adhere to three core values: Excellence, Trust and Positivity.

Every Virtuosi has the desire to make a difference. We ensure that every employee is assigned to fulfilling projects and are well equipped with skills training, to eventually showcase their capabilities to the world. ‘Quality’ is not a vague concept for us: we are constantly redefining and measuring excellence in all possible forms, to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

We have over 1,600 employees across the globe, spanning a multitude of nationalities and cultures. We place great emphasis on trust, especially when our teams collaborate remotely on various challenging projects, and we always work to ensure that our communication channels remain as open as possible.

As trust is also critical to our clients, we go the extra mile to deliver the highest quality of work, with global standards of project and budget management for our client projects. We utilize only the best tools and processes to preserve and amplify the IPs entrusted to us. We also encourage integrated partnerships with our clients, for which they can openly trust and treat our teams as their own.

We are in the business of fun; it is important that our work sparks joy and spurs positivity. This mantra keeps us focused on delivering blockbuster after blockbuster, whether it’s on a video game console or on the big screen. We believe that the most challenging problems are no match for our positive spirit and common goals.

Training and Development
At Virtuos, we constantly support our employees to achieve their career objectives. By enhancing their personal value and technical abilities via our training systems, we empower our talent to showcase their skills on prominent and international platforms, allowing them to realize their full potential.

As we believe that skill mastery is essential to the production of excellent work, Virtuos has designed a comprehensive training system for our employees. Part of this training involves hosting internal and external industry experts, who are invited to impart knowledge on art skills (Zbrush Basic or Advanced Techniques, Marvelous Designer, etc.), game skills (C#, Level, Handsoft, Prototyping etc.), production management skills (time management, Agile, PMP etc.), as well as soft skills like language fluency and leadership.

Welfare Programs
Employees are always at the heart of Virtuos. To increase staff commitment and engagement, Virtuos has established a safe, internal forum for all employees to express their opinions and to share suggestions. We have explored and implemented several new suggestions raised by staff.

Virtuos is also a fun place to work in, as illustrated by our regular team-building activities and employee outings. For team-building, employees get to choose and vote on activities they would like to enjoy, giving them a strong sense of ownership in the process.

Virtuos aims to be the best digital content development partner in the world. With so many talented and engaged employees on our side, we are confident that we will reach this goal in the near future.

维塔士成立于2004年,是业内领先的数码娱乐内容制作公司,在新加坡、中国、越南、加拿大、法国、日本、韩国 、 爱尔兰和美国都设有工作室。维塔士拥有1,600多名全职游戏制作专家,多年来致力于AAA级主机游戏、PC游戏和手机游戏的开发与3D美术制作,为客户实现收入的增长和制作效率的提升。十多年以来,维塔士已成功向客户递交了超过1,300个高质量项目,其客户包括众多著名独立工作室以及世界顶级数码娱乐公司20强中的18家,如美国艺电、史克威尔·艾尼克斯、腾讯、育碧等。


  • 参与全球最大游戏和电影项目的制作
  • 每年参与多个知名项目为你履历背书
  • 携手国际化的专业菁英团队共创辉煌
  • 与当代最尖端的技术和平台保持同步
  • 同全球第一流的游戏开发工作室合作
  • 和快速稳定发展的公司一同成长进步
  • 在优质培训中提升专业技能和竞争力
  • 享受有竞争力的薪酬体系和社会福利
  • 感受丰富多彩的员工活动和集体旅行
  • 成为炙手可热的数码娱乐业顶级人才










维塔士为员工定制了全面系统的培训计划,由行业内外专家及资深人士提供专业知识及技能上的指导,培训体系覆盖了美术技能课程(如Zbrush、Marvelous Designer等)、游戏开发技术课程(如C#语言、关卡、Handsoft、原型设计等)、项目管理技能课程( 如时间管理、Agile方法、PMP等)、语言能力培训课程以及领导力课程。

员工是维塔士价值的核心。为了提升员工的工作积极性及忠诚度, 维塔士建立了安全的内部论坛供员工表达观点和分享建议,我们也不断探讨并实施了员工提出的一些好建议。维塔士营造充满乐趣的工作环境,正如我们定期的团队建设活动和员工郊游所展示的那样。员工还可以选择和投票他们希望参与的活动。