Saturday, December 2, 2023

Hang Lung Properties Limited is a leading real estate developer operating in Hong Kong and mainland China. Boasting a diversified portfolio of investment properties in Hong Kong, the Company has progressively branched out into the Mainland since the 1990s, with our distinctive footprint now fully established in Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming, Wuhan and Hangzhou, with all the Mainland projects carrying the “66” brand. As Hang Lung’s business continues to grow, the Company is set to develop into a highly admired national commercial property developer in China.

A popular hot spot in the center of Xujiahui, Grand Gateway 66 is ideally situated atop Xujiahui Station, Shanghai’s largest metro station. Grand Gateway 66 draws on an unparalleled pedestrian flow and creates a unique synergy of shopping, dining, entertainment, working, and living in a one-stop, integrated complex “where wonders converge”.

Vibrancy is at its most energetic as the subway meets Grand Gateway 66 at Xujiahui station, where three metro lines converge, seamlessly connecting the teeming metropolis with our six-story shopping mall, two world-class office towers, and high-end serviced apartments. As Shanghai’s landmark destination for fashion and food, and leisure and lifestyle, the mall incorporates a diverse line-up of brands covering a Cineplex featuring state-of-the-art technology, a rich array of international food and beverage outlets, and a cluster of fresh, premium fashion and accessories labels, together offering a sophisticated urban shopping experience.

In 2017, Grand Gateway 66 commenced a phase-by-phase rejuvenation project, bringing large-scale infrastructure upgrades that will further improve connectivity within the retail complex and between Grand Gateway 66 and the city at large side by side with all-new tailored spaces for luxury retail experiences and the arrival of exciting, superior brands. With the progressive optimization matching the aspirations of Shanghai people, the development’s status as Shanghai’s modern and sophisticated landmark commercial complex will only be further enhanced.

“We Do It Right” is a principle that extends beyond our core business and embraces the initiatives we undertake on behalf of our staff, the community and the environment. We believe this is fundamental to our success and helps us win the trust of public.

We illustrate the vision, insights, experience, quality and care that we bring to all our world-class projects in mainland China and Hong Kong to create unmatched value for our cherished shareholders, tenants and customers. As we enter an exciting new phrase in our business expansion, we will continue to maintain our high standards in order to become the highly admired and leading national commercial property developer in Hong Kong and China.

Our staff get real-time updates on the company’s developments through a host of online and offline media, such as our internal monthly newsletter, Connections, the intranet, and the WeShare portal on WeChat. We value every opportunity for face-to-face interaction with our staff, including regular staff birthday parties and lunch meetings with management. As staff from different departments and ranks dialogue and share their views, the company benefits from their ideas and suggestions.

We are committed to promoting the integral wellbeing of our staff through a wealth of activities and benefits that encompass the goal of balancing life and work. These initiatives also embody the attention we give to every employee’s welfare. From health talks, neck massage sessions, to DIY salad bowl workshops, we take comprehensive care of our employees’ wellness. Events such as “Hang Lung’s Got Talent” and the “Hang Lung All-Stars Games” also enable our staff to showcase their talents and meet colleagues with common hobbies and interests.

We encourage our staff to maximize the use of their time, knowledge, and expertise by offering a helping hand to those in need, so that they are actively participating in the company’s desire to build sustainable communities. Our staff have completed over 50 charity activities through the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team since its formation in 2012, clocking over 5,300 hours of voluntary service. Since 2018, we have enrolled every participating staff member in Shanghai’s official registry of volunteers and two of our staff have subsequently been named “Outstanding Volunteers of Shanghai City”, a well-respected recognition from the community.

We offer comprehensive and competitive remuneration packages, with benefits covering commercial health insurance, maternity allowances, physical examinations, annual incentive travel, and birthday and festive bonuses. Dedicated breastfeeding rooms and associated facilities further illustrate the care we have for all our employees’ needs.

Our staff have access to a wide range of training and enrichment programs as part of our effort to cultivate talents and support the career development of our employees.

At the beginning of each year, we talk to our staff from different departments and ranks to listen to their learning and development needs. Incorporating an in-depth analysis of staff enrichment needs and our corporate strategies, we publish an annual Training Summary and Planning Report to summarize the efforts of the previous year and outline training plans for the year ahead.
From orientation for new recruits, to the development of language, customer service, leadership, and multimedia skills, we offer a rich diversity of professional development programs to staff at different ranks and stages of personal growth and ranks. Our six-month orientation program, in particular, covers eight “We” modules, namely “We Welcome”, “We Do It Right”, “We Care”, “We Chat”, “We Play”, “We Learn”, “We Work” and “We Achieve”, all of which enable our new colleagues to fully understand and integrate into our company.

We are always keen to see our individual employees, teams, and the entire company to grow together. Our “Supervision and Management” enrichment series explores the role of supervisors in the workplace and effective approaches in coaching subordinates, ultimately empowering supervisory staff with well-rounded management skills. Through the “Hang Lung Five-Star Customer Service” training series, our frontline staff begin their enrichment journey with basic service etiquette, and later learn how to handle customer complaints skillfully. As they gain a firmer grasp on the essentials of customer service, we are able to deliver outstanding service to our customers. We also regularly recommend staff members to take part in external training, thereby giving our staff the opportunity to learn and meet people from outside the company.

Our annual team building exercise is another key element in our training strategy. Through stimulating activities with an emphasis on experience and inspiration, our staff get to internalize our corporate philosophy. Our exercises also promote collaboration and appreciation between colleagues, bringing teams closer together and accentuating their passion and motivation to innovate at work.

“We Do It Right” is more than a slogan – it is our unfaltering commitment to all members of our staff.

恒隆地产有限公司是香港和内地的顶级地产发展商之一,在香港拥有庞大的投资物业组合,并在1990年代起逐步拓展内地市场。公司目前已成功进入上海、沈阳、济南、无锡、天津、大连、昆明、武汉及杭州的市场, 旗下内地项目均以「恒隆广场」命名。随着未来进一步发展,恒隆地产正努力开创前景,矢志发展成为一家备受尊崇的全国性商业地产发展商。



自2017年起,港汇恒隆广场•上海开展了一系列升级改造,提升项目内部人流动线及强化与外部接口,开辟全新的高端零售空间,并引入多个精彩的一线品牌,优化顾客体验。逐步揭晓的优化面貌, 将进一步巩固港汇恒隆广场•上海作为21世纪上海地标的地位。

我们的业务贯彻一个理念﹕“ 只选好的 只做对的 ”。这不仅是我们的核心业务所系,也是我们对员工、社会和环境的关顾准备。我们相信,这是我们的成功基石,有助我们赢得各界的信心。






另外,公司积极鼓励员工善用自己的时间、知识、技能去帮助社会上需要帮助的弱势群体,与公司携手推动建立可持续发展的小区。自2012年起,公司成立了「恒隆一心义工队」,带领员工完成了50余项公益志愿服务,服务时数超过5300小时。从2018年开始, 公司还为每位参加义工活动的员工注册了“上海市志愿者”称号, 其中两位员工还获评为“上海市优秀志愿者”称号,使得员工的志愿服务得到社会的赞赏。

公司还提供了完善而富竞争力的薪酬及福利组合,设立商业医疗保险、生育津贴、健康体检、年度旅游、生日礼金、节日礼金等多项福利措施,并为在哺乳期内的员工设立专门的授乳室及相关设备, 充分体现了公司对员工的关爱。


对处于不同成长阶段、不同级别的员工,我们制定了广泛的培训课程。课程包括入职培训、语言、客户服务、领导发展和多媒体课程。例如在入职培训方面,我们设计了共计八个模块,为期六个月的计划,分别是“We Welcome”、“We Do It Right”、“We Care” 、“We Chat”、“We Play”、“We Learn”、“We Work” 、“We Achieve”等八个We元素,从而让新员工全方位地了解并融入公司。



“只选好的 只做对的”不单是我们的核心业务所系,更是我们对员工的承诺、坚持。