Olam International (www.olamgroup.com) is a leading global integrated supply chain and process manager with a portfolio of multiple agricultural products and food ingredients. We supply various kinds of products for 19,800 consumers in the world by 18 platforms. Established in 1989 and headquartered in Singapore, Olam is a listed company in the SGX-ST with Temasek Holdings and Mitsubishi corporation as its major shareholders. Olam has bagged a place on the Forbes Asia Fab 40 List as one of the best publicly traded companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Olam case study is presented in Harvard Business School and Cambridge University. Olam was mentioned in the FORTUNE magazine as one of the top 25 companies in the world that build great leaders.

Olam China, belong to Olam Group, began operating in China from 2004 through its Representative Offices in Rizhao, Shanghai and Tianjin, China. The China headquarter– Olam Shanghai Limited was set up in October 2005. Since then we have established a strong presence in China, with head office located in Shanghai, and regional branch offices located in Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Jiaozhou, Guangzhou, Urumqi, Nanjing, Aksu. We established global leadership in its respective industries including edible nuts, milk powder, spices and dehydrated vegetables, cocoa, coffee, rice, cotton, rubber, cereals and palm oil products.

We believe in building workplaces that are extremely professional, team and trust oriented, culturally diverse and provide equal employment opportunities based on merit and performance only. Anybody is expected to respect his/ her colleagues and treat them with dignity regardless of their background or personal characteristics.

Olam’s philosophy is to reward and support a performance-driven culture that motivates its employees to exceed business objectives. A combination of Challenging/ Complex Roles/ Career Growth and highly competitive compensation package therefore aims to attract, retain and reward such outstanding performance. The compensation at Olam is viewed in terms of total value that can be appropriated to these components. In China, HR engages 3rd party on a regular basis to benchmark market salaries within various agricultural segments. The purpose of this exercise is to determine market compensation in an equivalent opportunity

We aim to create an inspired organization, capable of delivering our ambitious plans, where each one of us treats the company as if it were our own. We design work to contribute meaningfully, and empower individuals with the freedom and autonomy, the learning opportunities and work environment to grow beyond boundaries and deliver to potential.”

We always attach importance to talent development and echelon construction, in addition to providing excellent benefits, but also provides a rich learning and communication platform for employees, employees through online learning platforms such as “I Quest” and Aspire, can increase the talent on a global scale the communication and exchange of perfect fusion of work and study. The number of Olam China on- the -job MBA, EMBA, CPA, CFA increases year by year, this positive work and study atmosphere also successfully attracted a large number of excellent overseas students. We encourage everyone who works here to take ownership of their career, seek out challenge and change, and ask for feedback. Working at Olam is a chance to grow your global network, widen your outlook and enhance your career capital.

In addition to paying attention to work and study, we also put the safety and health of employees in the first place. By designing a series of courses and activities like scientific nutrition, healthy slimming, office health care and other, we improved people’s self-management, and achieve the best state of combining work with rest and enjoying physical and mental pleasure.

In 2018, Olam China was ranked the first in the world in the highest award of global employee engagement. The excellent management achievements of the Chinese team also set a good example for Olam worldwide and aroused great response. We will continue to improve and create outstanding results on our way to the best employers.

OLAM国际(www.olamgroup.com)是全球领先的综合的农产品与食品配料的供应链管理商和加工商,通过其18 个业务平台为世界19,800多家客户供应各类产品。于1989年成立,总部位于新加坡。OLAM在新加坡证券交易所上市,淡马锡、三菱集团是其主要股东。作为亚太区最佳的上市公司之一,目前市值位列新加坡40强。哈佛商学院和剑桥大学已将OLAM的发展作为案例分析学习的内容。OLAM被财富杂志列为全球25个最佳培育领导力的公司之一。

Olam China,隶属Olam集团,于2004年通过设立在中国日照、上海和天津的代表处在中国经营业务,并于2005年10月在上海成立总部-翱兰(上海)商贸有限公司,自那以后,Olam 在中国的业务快速发展壮大,先后成立了北京、天津、大连、青岛、胶州、广州、乌鲁木齐、南京、阿克苏分公司。奠定了包括食用坚果、奶粉、香料与脱水蔬菜、可可、咖啡、大米、棉花、橡胶、谷物、棕榈油产品在全球各自行业中的领导地位。




我们一贯重视人才发展和梯队建设,除了提供优渥的福利待遇,更是为员工提供了丰富的学习和交流平台,员工通过 “I Quest ”和 Aspire 等在线学习平台,可以增加在全球范围内人才的沟通和交流,实现工作与学习得完美融合。Olam China 在职MBA、EM¬BA、CPA、CFA 等的人数逐年增加,这种积极向上的工作和学习氛围也成功吸引了大量优秀的海外留学生。我们鼓励在这里工作的每一个人都拥有自己的事业,寻求挑战和改变,并寻求反馈。让员工真切感受到在Olam China工作是一个扩大全球网络,开阔视野,增强职业资本的机会。


在2018年度Olam全球员工敬业度的最高奖项评比中,Olam China被评为全球第一,中国团队的优秀管理事迹也在Olam全球范围内树立了良好典范,引起极大的反响。我们将不断持续改进, 在最佳雇主之路上继续创造优秀的成绩。