Lee Kum Kee (Xin Hui) Food Co Ltd was established in 1995 and began operations in April 1996. The factory area covers more than 130 hectares, and is the biggest, most advanced facility worldwide under the Lee Kum Kee Group. Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui employs 2700 people, producing soy sauce, oyster sauce, shrimp paste, sesame oil, chili sauce, condiment packets etc. As production of various sauces exceeds 500,000 tons annually, it can be said that we are the leader of China’s sauce-making industry.

As part of a company with more than a century of history, Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui embraces the company culture of “Pragmatism, Integrity, Constant Entrepreneurship”, as well as the “Tri-Balance – Health, Family, and Career”. Internally, this builds motivation among employees, and we build a reputation as a good employer in terms of salary and welfare, career development and sense of belonging. Externally, we present a good brand image, with our quality management philosophy of “Exceed the Standards” and “100-1=0”. At the same time, we take the initiative to fulfill various corporate social responsibilities.

  • Developing a Comprehensive Salary and Benefits System
    In order to ensure the competitiveness of our compensation and benefits system, Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui is committed to establish an incentivizing and diversified compensation system. We express this in terms of annual salary bonuses and upward revisions. Aside from that, we also offer insurance and company profit distribution to our employees. In terms of benefits, we offer yearly health checkups, housing allowances, maternity rooms, free transportation and employee meals etc.
  • Creating a Well-structured Career Development System
    Our company culture is the secret to our business longevity. We attach great importance to building a strong culture, as well as the career development of our employees. Everyone has an equal platform and opportunity for advancement. There are many routes for career development depending on the employee: such as standardized new personnel general courses, supervisory level courses, and management leadership courses. We have also embarked on a new initiative, the MT9+3 management trainee programs. In 2018, we formulated a two-day teambuilding activity to build an “outstanding team” for employees at or above the executive level. About 530 employees participated in this activity, which enhanced the cohesion and collaboration ability of the whole management team. In addition, the company allocates a budget for training fees every year to support employees’ on-the-job skills training, academic studies, cross-functional group learning, corporate culture trip, sales experiences and other special activities.
  • Fostering a Sense of Belonging
    Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui advocates the ‘three balances’ of health, family, and career. In addition to annual staff birthday parties and family opening day activities, the company also held family commemorative photo shooting activities, square dancing contest, singing contests, fun games and so on in 2018. Employees and their relatives participated in these activities to foster a sense of ‘family’ with the company. This enhances the cohesion of our enterprise, thereby greatly enhancing the sense of belonging of employees to the company.At the same time, the company attaches great importance to communication and feedback from employees and advocates active participation in the management of people. Every year, we hold communication meetings and employee opinion surveys. We review the project results of the company throughout the year, so that employees can fully understand the company’s major policies and policies. Besides, it also provides a platform for employees to express their views directly, and for management to earnestly listen to and actively adopt reasonable suggestions of employees.
  • Benefitting the Community, Sharing Fruits of Success
    Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. At every stage of production, we emphasise our responsibility to people, consumers, the environment, and the wider society. In 2018, the company successfully passed all audits including Kosher, DTC, SNB, ISO, BRC, HK Q-Mark and Yum Sheng standards, and completed conformity with the new BRC standard and successively passed the A-level certification of the new BRC standard, so as to upgrade the comprehensive management system of the company. Furthermore, in order to cooperate with the national environmental protection governance, the company in 2019 will build a wetland park of about 24 acres, which will become the first food enterprise in the Jiangmen area to use constructed wetland technology to treat sewage.Adhering to our corporate culture of ” Benefitting the Society”, Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui also enthusiastically supports charitable and public welfare undertakings of poverty alleviation and relief in Jiangmen City. Employees have organized volunteer teams to visit special schools, welfare homes, low-income families and homes for the aged for many times. At the same time, the company has funded and sponsored competitions among primary and secondary school students as well as universities in the whole region, including creative competitions, debates, cooking competitions, etc. The company also supports various teacher-student exchange programs in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, contributing to the next generation of education in Jiangmen City.

“Lee Kum Kee Xin Hui will continue to promote our corporate culture, constantly attract and pool talents, provide better and more abundant development resources and platforms for talents to develop their potential and exert their strengths. The company develops continuously and builds win-win partnership with employees to grow together and strive for the vision of “Excel through Innovation beyond Millenniums,”
— Derek Wu, Executive Vice President of Global Human Resources.

作为一家拥有百年历史的集团企业,李锦记新会公司一直秉承“务实诚信、思利及人、永远创业精神”和“三平衡 – 健康、家庭和事业相互平衡”的企业文化理念,对内塑造优秀的雇主口碑,注重为员工提供优质与特色的服务,从薪酬福利、职业发展和企业归属感三方面建立良好的雇主形象;对外打造优质的品牌美誉度,以“ 超越标准”和“100-1=0”的质量理念把控产品品质,同时主动履行各种社会责任。

  • 一. 全面的薪酬福利体系
  • 二. 完善的培训机制:
  • 三. 企业归属感的营造
  • 四. 造福社会,共享成果
    李锦记新会公司非常重视企业的社会责任,强调在生产过程中对人的关注,强调对消费者、环境及社会的责任及贡献。2018年在审核认证方面,顺利通过包括Kosher、DTC、SNB、ISO、BRC、HK Q-Mark、百胜等所有审核,并完成BRC新版标准的贯标及连续获得BRC新版标准A级认证通过,实现公司综合管理体系的系统升级;另一方面,为配合国家环保治理,公司在2019年将建成约24亩的湿地公园,成为江门地区首家应用人工湿地技术对污水进行深度处理的食品企业。与此同时,公司荣获了“环保领先大奖” 、“国家绿色工厂”的称号。秉承“造福社会”的企业文化,李锦记新会公司热心支持江门市扶贫济困慈善公益事业,多次组织义工队到特殊学校、福利院、低保户、敬老院进行探访活动;同时,李锦记新会公司出资赞助全区中小学生辩论赛、文学创作大赛、厨艺大赛等,支持并组织开展“粤港澳大湾区”各项师生交流活动,为江门地区下一代教育事业贡献着自己的力量。