Of the various industries, condiment is one of the fastest growing one in China. As time goes hand in hand with progression and changes in lifestyles, consumers’ demand on condiments has been evolving: more health-conscious, look for convenient packaging and applications, and diversified taste profile. As a leading enterprise in sauces and condiments, Lee Kum Kee strives to understand its customers and cater for their needs. Lee Kum Kee also works closely with foodservice and industrial customers, offering professional and customized solutions for them.

From China to the world, Lee Kum Kee has become a landmark brand in Chinese cuisine. More than 200 kinds of sauces are sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and are deeply loved by consumers everywhere. The company pays attention to innovation and quality, keeping pace with the times and making breakthrough. In 2018, Lee Kum Kee launched its vinegar products. Moreover the company devotes itself to “reducing salt without reducing flavor and making food more healthy and delicious” so as to satisfy consumers’ pursuit of safe and healthy food. Lee Kum Kee elevates everyday meals with exceptional flavor, making every dish a taste to remember.

Lee Kum Kee Sauce Group’s headquarters is located in Hong Kong with production bases set up in Hong Kong, the United States, Xinhui and Huangpu, China, and Malaysia. As a multinational company with extensive global network, Lee Kum Kee has more than 5,800 employees.

Lee Kum Kee (China) Trading Limited was established in China in 2006. It is a company operating in sole proprietorship in China under Lee Kum Kee Sauce Group. Today, the Company hires over 1,800 employees. Its major businesses include the sales and marketing of all Lee Kum Kee sauces and condiments. Lee Kum Kee’s products have gained trust and popularity among consumers thanks to its superb quality, high safety and hygienic levels, exquisite tastes, convenience, sound packaging and its edge of aligning with the trend of healthy lifestyle. All these allow Lee Kum Kee’s sales to grow steadily. Lee Kum Kee (China) Trading Limited has become a vital business entity of Lee Kum Kee Sauce Group.

1. Caring for Employees: Employees are a pivotal and valuable asset of the Company and the best brand ambassadors
We care for our employees and offer comprehensive compensation and benefits.
These include year-end bonus, performance bonus, meal allowance, social benefits, supplementary insurance, annual medical body check, company holidays, paid annual leave and sick leave, long service awards, as well as rewards in celebration of employees’ special occasions, i.e. birthday, marriage and child birth.

We have set up a nursery room for nursing mothers to make them more at ease with privacy and safety. Employees receive a Lee Kum Kee product pack on every Chinese traditional festival to allow them to share the festive joy with family members and friends. Employees also enjoy staff discounts for purchase of Lee Kum Kee products.

We advocate the concept of “Tri-balance” to help employees achieve the balance of health, family and career. The Company organises a diverse range of staff events and activities, such as Family Day, birthday parties, team building activities, sports activities, cooking contests and health-care approaches, etc.

We pay attention to communication and engagement with employees. We share messages with our employees and listen to their views through corporate announcements, internal newsletters, Intranet, as well as WeChat platform. Employees can also express their thoughts, opinions and suggestions through the Employee Engagement Survey. An improvement plan is developed and implemented to raise the staff satisfaction levels.

“Founder’s Day” is hosted every year. Guests and employees from around the world gather together in Hong Kong. The Mass Communication Meetings are organized on a yearly basis, covering all employees. We gather to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Staff can take this opportunity to exchange ideas with the management face-to-face, putting forward thoughts and suggestions that are conducive to the business.

2. Learning and Development
To maintain our competitive edge and meet the needs of business development, we arrange various training and development programs for our employees to nurture talents and support employees’ career development. We have new hire orientation and induction programs, systematic talent development scheme, diversified people development plans and multiple platforms for employee training.

The Company runs the Management Trainee program every year to develop future talents for Lee Kum Kee. We hire graduates from top universities to recruit high-standard graduates. They will undergo an intensive program which lasts for twelve months with learning of theories and practices to let these young talents master work-related skills quickly.

3. Benefiting the Community
In line with our core values of “Benefiting the Community” and “Sharing Fruits of Success”, we devote ourselves to fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. Apart from donations, support for education and infrastructure, we have built up a volunteer team to encourage our employees to participate in volunteer services to help others, share love and fruits of success.

Lee Kum Kee adheres to the spirit of “Constant Entrepreneurship”. The company aims to grasp new opportunities in a new era, take advantage of “the Belt and Road” initiatives and strive for its aspiration of“Excel through Innovation beyond Millenniums”. In doing so, Lee Kum Kee will continue to adhere to our core values, be committed to staff development and establish a win-win cooperation relationship with our employees. We aim at becoming one of the most suitable enterprises for our staff to develop and prosper with Lee Kum Kee together.

调味品行业是中国发展非常迅猛的行业之一。随着时代进步和生活节奏的改变,消费者对调味品的要求也日新月异:更加注重健康和食品安全、喜欢更便利的产品包装和应用、希望口味更加多元化。李锦记作为调味品领先企业,面向家庭消费者用心聆听他们的想法,以满足他们的需求;面向餐饮或工业用户,合作更紧密,提供专业而且个性化的解决方案。从中国到全球,李锦记已成为中华料理标志性品牌。200多种酱料销售至全球100多个国家和地区, 深受各地消费者喜爱。集团一如既往关注创新与品质,与时俱进, 持续突破,不仅“醋”类拔萃,而且致力于“减盐不减鲜,美味更健康”,满足消费者对于安全健康的美食追求。李锦记通过酱料将日常饮食升华,以味传情,让世界各地消费者铭记每一餐的舌尖滋味。

李锦记酱料集团总部位于香港,先后在中国香港、美国、中国新会、马来西亚和中国黄埔设立了生产基地,拥有5,800余名员工, 是一家具有全球网络的跨国公司。




公司见证并庆祝每位员工生活中的重要时刻, 设立了生日、结婚、生子关爱礼金。对于员工的敬业工作,公司设立了长期服务奖,以示表彰与感谢。







李锦记秉承“永远创业精神”,抓紧新时代的新机遇、把握“一带一路”沿线地区的优势,积极进取,迈向“创新经典,超越千年” 的宏愿。我们会一如既往地坚守李锦记核心价值,致力于人员发展,与员工建立双赢的合作关系,成为最好最适合员工工作的企业之一。