Hang Lung Properties Limited is a leading real estate developer operating in Hong Kong and mainland China. Boasting a diversified portfolio of investment properties in Hong Kong, the Company has progressively branched out into the Mainland since the 1990s, with our distinctive footprint now fully established in Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming, Wuhan and Hangzhou, with all the Mainland projects carrying the “66” brand. As Hang Lung’s business continues to grow, the Company is set to develop into a highly admired national commercial property developer in China.

Located at 66 Wusi Lu, a prominent avenue in the heart of Dalian’s commercial district, Olympia 66 prides itself as an unparalleled world-class lifestyle, shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Spanning a gross floor area of 222,000 m2, the freestanding mall was Hang Lung’s largest retail project at the time of its opening.

The distinctive design of Olympia 66, which was inspired by the auspicious Tai Chi twin-carp pattern, stands as an exceptional example of integrating Chinese traditional culture with contemporary elements, and has been recognized by the international real estate industry with an array of architectural design awards. Thanks to the wealth of environmentally-friendly design features, Olympia 66 has also been given a Gold rating under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Core and Shell Development by the U.S. Green Building Council.

With its sought-after location, diverse tenant mix and iconic architecture, Olympia 66 delivers a sophisticated retail experience of international flair to the most discerning customers in Dalian.

“We Do It Right” is a principle that extends beyond our core business and embraces the initiatives we undertake on behalf of our staff, the community and the environment. We believe this is fundamental to our success and helps us win the trust of public.

We illustrate the vision, insights, experience, quality and care that we bring to all our world-class projects in mainland China and Hong Kong to create unmatched value for our cherished shareholders, tenants and customers. As we enter an exciting new phrase in our business expansion, we will continue to maintain our high standards in order to become the highly admired and leading national commercial property developer in Hong Kong and China.

We have established a variety of communication platforms for our staff to encourage multidirectional communications on the basis of openness, transparency, and equality with a view to delivering win-win results.

Employees can express their views directly to the management at our regular breakfast and lunch meetings, or write to the General Manager’s mailbox with suggestions to optimize workflow. After evaluation, staff members would be rewarded for their constructive proposals. Staff activities are broadcast via our WeChat portal to engage our staff using a more casual approach. It has garnered over 400 followers to-date.

Our staff are entitled to a variety of benefits and facilities provided with attention to our philosophy of balancing work and life, as the company is committed to promoting the wellbeing of our employees to ensure that everyone can maintain a healthy mind and body.
Regular employee health talks and sports activities, such as football and badminton competitions and rope skipping, have enabled our staff to enrich their spare time while keeping fit. Annual incentive travel, birthday parties, food festivals, and other engaging activities further demonstrate our care for employees, a care which also extends to their family through our Family Day events.

We believe our staff play an important role in our drive to serve and contribute to society. The Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team at Olympia 66 clocks an average of over 900 hours of voluntary work every year visiting nursing homes, schools for the visually and hearing impaired, and guide dog training centers, to demonstrate our passion for building-up sustainable communities. Our team also takes part in tree planting, beach cleaning and the Dalian International Walking Festival to further advance Hang Lung’s pursuit of sustainable development.

We firmly uphold a “people-oriented” approach to our business and staff development is therefore of great importance. In addition to classroom-based, internal training, we encourage our employees to pursue enrichment opportunities outside the company and provide support in obtaining professional certificates as well as a variety of resources for external training, so that help employees can keep advancing their career prospects. Our diverse and abundant training opportunities, such as in customer service, occupational health and safety, the use of office software, English language courses, legal risks prevention, and business writing skills, cover a wide range of job duties to promote both performance and personal growth.

A core talent development scheme is also available to staff at intermediate level or above to enhance their management and leadership abilities. Participants undertake an online assessment and receive tailor-made management training. Their newly acquired knowledge and skills are then put into practice in the workplace.

Staff of all ranks at Olympia 66 will always find something from our vast array of training opportunities to achieve personal development and make progress alongside Olympia 66.

“We Do It Right” is more than a slogan – it is our unfaltering commitment to all members of our staff.

恒隆地产有限公司是香港和内地的顶级地产发展商之一,在香港拥有庞大的投资物业组合,并在1990年代起逐步拓展内地市场。公司目前已成功进入上海、沈阳、济南、无锡、天津、大连、昆明、武汉及杭州的市场, 旗下内地项目均以「恒隆广场」命名。随着未来进一步发展,恒隆地产正努力开创前景,矢志发展成为一家备受尊崇的全国性商业地产发展商。


恒隆广场•大连的建筑设计出类拔萃,采用太极双鲤鱼的吉祥设计, 是融汇中国传统文化与现代元素的上佳例子,并已获得多个国际房地产界的建筑设计奖项。项目引入绿色环保设施,亦让其荣获美国绿色建筑协会〝能源及环境设计先锋奖-核心及外壳组别〞(LEED)金奖认证。


我们的业务贯彻一个理念﹕“ 只选好的 只做对的 ”。这不仅是我们的核心业务所系,也是我们对员工、社会和环境的关顾准备。我们相信,这是我们的成功基石,有助我们赢得各界的信心。




定期举办的早餐会、午餐会,开通了各部门员工与管理层直接对话的桥梁,让员工可以及时表达自己的想法。我们更设立了总经理信箱,鼓励员工提供工作优化的建议,并对优质改善的建议进行评定及奖励。同时,我们开通了微信订阅号“六六的筒子溜溜地说”, 用生动有趣的形式播报各种精彩活动,通过此渠道与员工进行线上沟通,员工可以自行订阅,而且关注人数已超400余人。

我们致力于促进员工身心健康,并以“平衡工作和生活“为目标, 并坚持“既要保持健康体魄又要拥有健康心理”的理念,提供了多样化的福利和活动。