Saturday, December 2, 2023

Colliers International (NASDAQ: CIGI; TSX: CIGI) is a top tier global real estate services and investment management company, with 2018 corporate revenues of $3.3 billion including affiliates, operating in 68 countries with more than 17,000 skilled professionals.

Colliers has been ranked among the top 100 global outsourcing firms by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals for 13 consecutive years, more than any other real estate services firm. Colliers is ranked the number one property manager in the world by Commercial Property Executive for two years in a row.

At Colliers, we are Enterprising. Our expert advice to property occupiers, owners and investors leads the industry into the future. We invest in relationships to create enduring value.

What sets us apart is not what we do, but how we do it.

Colliers people are passionate, take personal responsibility and always do what’s right for our clients, people and communities. We attract and develop industry leaders, empowering them to think and act differently to drive exceptional results.

What’s more, our global reach maximizes the potential of property, wherever our clients do business.

At Colliers, we accelerate success.


  • Be enterprising to exceed expectations
  • Be enterprising to exceed expectations
  • Collaborate to drive exceptional results
  • Invest in relationships to deliver enduring value
  • Be experts to lead our industry into the future
  • Do what’s right for our clients, people and communities

Staff development has always been a crucial role to support the growth of our business. Here at Colliers, we embrace a Learning culture which encourages individuals and the organization as a whole to develop and grow.

To support staff’s development and to ensure real, permanent learning, we emphasize on a holistic approach, integrating both formal and informal elements. Our learning and development philosophy is built on how individuals internalize and apply what they learn, based on how they acquire the knowledge. We have a rich curriculum of learning programs and self-developed courses with in-house subject experts shared among the region.

We also have Colliers University, the platform that manages learning programs and where e-learning modules are deployed.

BE Colliers is our employee empowerment and advocacy campaign, it centers around our staff and what it means to BE a part of Colliers. The campaign is built on Colliers’ enterprising spirit and a workplace culture modelled after peoples’ drive to constantly grow and improve themselves, while respecting their opportunities, interests, and their skills and knowledge.

Colliers asks everyone – staff and new talent alike, ‘what do YOU want to BE?’ and provides a space where people can not only live up to who they are, but that lets people strive to be something better, to develop their desired skills and character – to be the best version of themselves.

Through the BE initiative, we give our staff the means and encouragement to promote their skills, interests and values thorough our company channels and to their own professional networks, as trusted, valued and diverse people that make up who we are as an enterprise.

Flexibility, creative, and wellness also play a key role in our employees’ lives, allowing for an environment that is both relaxed and enjoyable. This is in addition to a variety of internal activities that aim to give back to our employees.

The Fun Committee focuses on team spirit and is made up of a group of employees. The Committee organizes activities based on the seasonal themes, which helps bridge the communication between employees in different departments.

Colliers International is both a global company and a local corporate citizen. Giving back is our global commitment. We hope to make a difference to all the communities in which we do business. Therefore, it is important that we take time to give back to the local communities in which our employees, partners and clients live and work.

Every year, Colliers International China offices close their doors for one day to contribute to local communities. Over the past four years, employees of all branches in China have actively participated and made positive contributions to their local communities.

“We are a best employer because we provide a workplace and career where staff’s career development needs align with company’s business goals. “
– Tammy Tang, Managing Director | China

Quotes from Colliers International China Employees –
“I never get bored working at Colliers thanks to the fun committee, there’s always something to do, whether gaming competition or gym workout. We even get free ice cream during summer!”

“Whether it’s someone from my department or another department, everyone’s willing to help each other and grow with the company.”


2018年,高力国际入围IAOP(国际外包专业协会)全球外包100 强,连续13年获此殊荣,超过任何其他房地产服务公司;同时,


我们的专家致力于为房地产租户、业主和投资者提供专业咨询服务,引领行业走向未来。 我们以诚信和投入换取长期价值。

让我们与众不同的不是我们所提供的服务,而是我们的服务方式。我们的专业人士充满热情、以身作则,始终以客户、同仁和社会的最佳利益行事。 我们吸引并培养行业领袖,使他们能够以与众不同的思维和行动方式取得卓越成绩。



  • 进取精神 以超越预期卓越服务
  • 团队意识 以取得杰出成绩
  • 诚信投入 以创造长期价值
  • 精研业务 以引领行业走向未来
  • 精诚服务 以客户、同仁和社会的最佳利益行事



高力成就计划 (BE Colliers) 是为员工赋能和提供支持的活动,它以员工为中心,紧扣成为高力国际一份子的意义。这项活动遵循高力国际的进取精神和员工追求不断成长与自我提升的职场文化,同时重视他们的发展机遇、个人兴趣及知识和技能。



在高力,我们始终致力于营造充满活力,人性化的职场环境。通过The Fun Committee的平台,我们组织各类形式多样的内部活动,旨在回馈员工的辛苦付出,让工作充满乐趣。

The Fun Committee成员来自于各部门,根据不同季节和当地节庆组织相应的活动,促进不同部门员工之间的沟通,协作。




“我在高力国际从来不觉得无聊,这要归功于Fun Committee, 常常组织丰富的员工活动,无论是网游比赛还是健身活动。我们甚至在夏天得到了免费的冰淇淋!”