“If you don’t like people, don’t work for HEINEKEN” – one of the most inspiring quotes from HEINEKEN’s CEO, Jean-François van Boxmeer, is plastered on the wall at HEINEKEN Vietnam’s Learning Academy, where HEINEKEN Vietnam’s employees draw inspiration and nurture their passion to win. It gives an insight into HEINEKEN Vietnam’s dedication to developing its people. They do not just manufacture quality products but seek to contribute to society by brewing a better Vietnam.

HEINEKEN Vietnam has incorporated its sustainable strategy into its core business, with a key focus on caring for People and Planet to create Prosperity. A big driver behind this, and a recent “green workplace platform” is to create a better working environment because people are at the heart of their business- not just within the Company but also in the wider community.

Because of this strong passion for people, HEINEKEN Vietnam has invested a great deal in developing staff at all levels. Employees working at HEINEKEN Vietnam benefit from the Company’s people development program to increase their capacities and skillsets and open up new career opportunities.

Key development programs at HEINEKEN Vietnam include intensive programs for tertiary graduates. Two different “GO PLACES” programs are currently offered to help budding professionals kick-start their career at HEINEKEN.

  • The Asia Pacific Graduate Program (APGP), for graduates from across Asia Pacific; and
  • HEINEKEN Vietnam’s Graduate Program (HVGP), for Vietnamese graduates in particular.

Both recruitment programs are great opportunities for young talents who are keen on building a career with an international company and want to work in a culturally diverse environment. HEINEKEN believes in recruiting and developing young, aspirational people, to ensure the Company’s long-term success. In joining these programs, graduates have the opportunity to fast-track their career development and travel around Vietnam, South East Asia and the Pacific, on different assignments, under the guidance of dedicated mentors from Management. Both offer an exciting journey and attractive development package, whereby the candidates undergo training for two years before they settle into a permanent job in one of the Company departments that best suits their potential. Apart from building an extensive knowledge base and diverse skill set, young recruits get to build their leadership capabilities as well, as they work towards a managerial role in HEINEKEN.

For mid-career professionals: employees receive ongoing relevant professional skills training to help them maximise their potential. This can include the opportunity to work around the world via HEINEKEN’s Short term Assignment (STA) initiative. Short term assignments are a great avenue for employees to uncage their potential by developing themselves in a different working environment, outside of Vietnam.

“People development is a ‘core element of strategy to win’ for the HEINEKEN Vietnam. Developing human resources, knowing how to work together, trusting each other and striving for the common goal is key to achieving success in our company. Our employees benefit from soft-skills training, knowledge development and career progression aligned with their roles and aspirations. We believe the better trained they are, the bigger the impact they can bring to the company and the country,” said Mr Le Qui Don, Human Resources Director, HEINEKEN Vietnam.

A Green Workplace that caters for peoples’ well-being

HEINEKEN Vietnam’s employee remuneration package is one the most competitive in the market. Many employees have celebrated their 10th, 20th and 25th anniversary with the company – a testament to how much they enjoy their career with HEINEKEN. To be recognised as a top workplace in Asia, is a first for the company, but also testimony to HEINEKEN Vietnam’s restless efforts in building a happy workforce – the most valuable asset – over the last 25 years of its’ operations in Vietnam.

Ms Trinh Thi Thanh Binh, the first female Brewery Manager of HEINEKEN Vietnam Brewery said: “For me, every day at the brewery is a happy day. This is not just a job – it’s my passion. I have had a great experience and I’m conquering challenges on the job. Regardless of employment status, employees have so many opportunities to participate in an exciting journey to grow with the Company.”

At HEINEKEN, health and safety is the first priority. HEINEKEN Vietnam encourages work-life balance for its employees. It provides an array of activities that create a positive impact on employee’s satisfaction and keeps them engaged. Employees’ families are proud to participate in a number of free annual activities organized by HEINEKEN Vietnam. These events include; the Annual Family Day, Brewery Tour and Mid-Autumn Festival. Extensive health care programs are also provided to employees including safety, physical and mental health, key areas that ensure employees’ welfare.

As a responsible brewer, HEINEKEN Vietnam recognizes the important role in shaping consumers’ perception towards responsible drinking. The company has a strong sustainability strategy that promotes responsible drinking and preventing alcohol abuse, for our external consumers. Internally, HEINEKEN Vietnam has a “Go home safety service” for its’ Commercial staff, which ensures safe travel to and from work every day for staff. This initiative has been highly applauded by employee’s families, as they rest assured of their loved ones’ safety and welfare.

The effectiveness of human resource strategies are measured by employees’ satisfaction and engagement. HEINEKEN Vietnam continuously listens to employees’ feedback and takes prompt actions to improve the working environment. HEINEKEN Vietnam does this by hosting periodic town hall meetings, which encourages employees to share their feedback, ideas and suggestions to the management team for improvement.

Moreover, HEINEKEN conducts an annual employee climate survey on engagement and performance enablement. Results from the 2017 survey showed that the employee engagement index at HEINEKEN Vietnam was 90%. In particular, 93% of employees believe in the Company’s direction and are proud of their contribution to the Company’s success. More than 92% of staff love their job and appreciate the supportive working environment here, especially the opportunities offered by HEINEKEN Vietnam to develop their career not only in Vietnam but also in the region and around the world.

HEINEKEN Vietnam is all about people. People are the core of its business, therefore, HEINEKEN Vietnam invests in its employees to develop their careers, provide work-life balance and ensure employees are satisfied and proactively engaged at the work place. This creates a happy and committed workforce at HEINEKEN Vietnam, which in turn delivers business results, and this makes HEINEKEN Vietnam the best place to work!