HDBank was honored with “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” award by HR Asia along with other prestigious companies, including Nestle, Heineken, Bao Viet, Sasco, TTC, Prudential, PNJ etc. This regional accolade recognises companies which build ideal work environment and culture, and which offer attractive welfare policies and various internal activities for their staff.

The “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” award is annually organised in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan. This year’s edition is its first official appearance in Vietnam.

This year HR Asia interviewed more than 130 businesses in 24 business sectors, with more than 3,730 full-time employees, to measure their satisfaction with their working environment. The survey was set based on the Heart, Mind and Soul criteria. In addition, HD Asia conducted on-site visits and interviews, and in-depth evaluations on CEO and human resources staff to further understand human resources policies and other factors which were crucial to the establishment of an excellent work environment. This year among 27 companies from Vietnam named the best companies to work for, HDBank and Standard Chartered are from banking industry.

The survey result shows that HDBank got some near-perfect scores in several categories. For instance, HDBank staff took pride in their employment at a trusted and recognised bank. They understood their job requirements and their positions in the Bank’s implementation of its vision and target-oriented development. In addition, staff was encouraged to feedback and to propose new ideas for the most efficient performance.

As of 31 May 2018, HDBank employed 5,551 staff across Vietnam with a female-male split of 57% and 43% respectively. Over 30% of staff have been at the Bank for five years or more.

With the moto “commitment to the best returns”, HDBank human resources policies are built to bring about long-term values for our employees, through the establishment of the best working environment in Vietnam attracting talents and nuturing personal capacity development.

Depending to the demands from departments and regions, the Bank conducts induction and professional training sessions for all of its new recruits prior to their official placement. To achieve this objective, HDBank has invested heavily and systematically on its Training Centre while implementing a comprehensive and coherent training programme which includes professional skills, soft skills and other relevant skills. Moreover, the Bank organises “Core Classes” for potential employees and other short to long-termed training programmes based on the professional development objectives of its employees.

HDBank conducts annual competitions and rewards for excellence amongst its employees and units, applying 360° evaluation method to determine the professional capability, degree of contribution and level of satisfaction of each employee. HDBank staff enjoy all remuneration and benefits in accordance with the labour laws of Vietnam. Besides, HDBank also give paramount importane to other perks for its employees including unsecured loans, health insurance, hospital check-ups at prestigious hospitals, etc.

In Vietnam, HDBank is known for the most vibrant and diversified programmes of collective activities. The Bank organizes nationwide multiple sports games, entertainment events, team-building and outreach activities across the country attracting thousands of staff from its branches every year.

With a service mindset and commitment to customers and community, HDBank employees are proud of the Bank’s brands, products, services and its corporate social responsibility. HDBank has helped more than half a million of poor people in Vietnam regain their eyesight by funding their cataract surgeries while giving thousands of health insurances, hundreds of charity houses and numerous relief flights to disater affected areas, etc.