Saturday, December 2, 2023

We are a Co-operative, owned by 10,500 farmers and their families, with more than 22,000 passionate employees around the world. We’re united by a fundamental belief in the power of dairy to make a difference. New Zealand is a unique place in the world surrounded by clean air and bathed in rain and sunshine. Our lush pastures mean we produce great grass, which makes great milk. We’ve built our expertise on the legacy of thousands of farmers who have made New Zealand a world leader in dairy.

Fonterra dairy first hit Vietnam’s shores in the 1980s, kicking off our history of delivering high quality nutrition that Vietnamese love. Today, our range of tasty and nutritious dairy products caters to Vietnamese families, mums-to-be and people who want to stay active and mobile. “We Deliver Dairy For Life” – “Lan Truyền Sức Sống”, this is Fonterra Brands Vietnam (FBV) purpose for the future. Both easy to understand and meaningful to our employees, it is the reason we come to and enjoy our work every day. In everything that we do – from our brands, our consumers and our employees – we aim to live up to this purpose. We believe our most valuable asset is our people. FBV is now 102 employees strong and strives to create a place where our people are motivated to do their best every day and contribute to a bigger purpose, where they can build lasting relationships and where they can grow both personally and professionally.

As a Co-operative, we have been communicating a clear and compelling direction for where the organisation is headed, how to get there, and what it means for our people. In the last three years, this management practice has been improved year-on-year. Our health and engagement journey also continues to show results in Vietnam. We are proud that our Organisational Health Indicator (OHI) score was increased significantly in 2017. The survey, conducted by McKinsey, places FBV in the top decile of engagement against a global benchmark of more than 1.5 million employees around the world and in the top quartile of management practice.

We have been able to achieve these results and will continue to pursue improvements by focusing on the following core areas that we believe will impact our employees and increase the health and engagement of our organisation.

We cultivate a clear, consistent set of values and working norms that foster effective workplace behaviour. According to Fonterra MySay survey, conducted by McKinsey, all employees voted that the culture and work environment was a key factor for their choice to work for Fonterra. When we asked our people “What was the most important element that made you join and now stay with Fonterra?”, the majority selected “Culture”.

We believe this is due to the care we take to foster a working environment that emphasises and rewards collaboration and teamwork. Our core values are also hugely important to us. They define our actions, our behaviours, and what’s expected of us as a world leader in dairy nutrition. “This is Fonterra programme” is built to recognise and reward employees who demonstrate Fonterra Core Values: Co-operative spirit, Do what’s right, Challenge boundaries, and Make it happen.

Employees and managers can send a recognition note to any outstanding teams and/or individuals across the Co-operative who consistently show and embody these values. In monthly, quarterly and annual company meetings, we praise our people for their efforts in living out our values SAFETY,

We want our employees to return home from work safely every day. FBV strongly promotes “Safety first for me and for others” across the organisation. Every month we hold an “Office Safety Walk”, after that all employees come together to discuss suggestions and solutions to build a better and safer workplace.

In addition, we implement a number of Health & Safety (H&S) and well-being initiatives including:

  • Provide ¾ qualified motorbike helmets to all employees to ensure their safety when traveling to and from work every day.
  • Safe driving programme – defensive driving courses are organised every year to help our people know and maintain safe driving techniques and skills.
  • Our people provide H&S suggestions through our “H&S Passport” in every quarter
  • We maintain an employee hotline (18001230), directly managed by our professional legal partner and connected to New Zealand, to ensure our business conducts and supports employees in real time. In addition to the safety of our people, we recognise that it is crucial to look after the health and well-being of our employees, alongside helping them to grow and develop in their careers.

Some examples of the health and well-being initiatives FBV undertakes:

  • Employees are encouraged to take time to exercise within working hours. A range of classes such as Yoga, Zumba dance and Meditation are also organised in the office for employees.
  • In 2017, we held “Ten Thousand Steps” and “Eat – Move – Sleep” Challenges, in which every employee is given a Fitbit wristband to keep track their step count and to encourage our employees to commit to a healthy lifestyle.
  • “Health Talk” session with professional medical doctors is organised every quarter.
  • Healthy drinks such as “detox” (water with lime, ginger, lemon grass and honey) and fruits are provided free of charge for all employees every day.

We continue to increase our focus on investing into capability building across the organisation. We believe it is critical to build strong manager-employee relationships and our leadership commits to foster this through a focus on 1:1 conversations and authentic leadership. We also believe our global network provides a unique and important opportunity for our people to gain international and diverse expertise that they can bring back to FBV, helping to build a stronger and more effective organisation. Every year we provide opportunities for our talents to visit and work in other Fonterra markets around the world including Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Our commitment to people development also extends to our belief in life-long learning. We promote a culture of collaborative, self-driven learning at Fonterra. This means that no matter what your role is, it’s important to keep learning and developing your skills to achieve your personal best and help us lift performance. Our Co-operative Way of Learning portal makes learning easy with one place to access the latest learning information, tools and activities. Our people choose a relevant learning program to suit their career focus the 70-20-10 model. Under the 10 percent of in-class training, our average number of training hours is 36 per employee per year.

At Fonterra, we equip all our people with fundamental training courses covering key workplace behaviours such as Problem Solving, Communication Skills, Storytelling and Business Acumen. We also offer an extensive range of leadership courses such as Emotional Intelligence, Trusted Leadership, License to Lead and High performance Teams. Coaching to Lead is our signature programme and one of the most successful for all people leaders.

Our reward philosophy is not based on bottom line results, but instead emphasises behaviours that employees apply in their day-to-day work. At FBV, employees are praised for both the “What” and “How” performance perspectives. In Vietnam, we benchmark our rewards and recognition in line with other FMCG market leaders such as Asia Pacific Compensation Benefit Forum (APCBF). This means we reward our people between the market norm and upper quartile. We also provide a comprehensive health care insurance programme not only for our people but which is extended to cover their family members as well.

Other recognition programmes include:

  • Celebrating long-standing employees through the ‘Seniority Award”, recognising long service to Fonterra at 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and beyond.
  • Annual Best Performance prize, which recognises outstanding individuals or teams during the year across a variety of categories.
  • Care programme for employees during their special life events including weddings, pregnancies and childbirth.
  • Engagement and cultural activities throughout the year: celebrating and acknowledging the dedication and effort of our teams at year-end or New Year parties, International Women’s Day, new fiscal year Kick-Off Meetings, Family Day and Christmas.

In everything we do, our purpose “Lan Truyền Sức Sống” drives and guides our actions. We are proud of the progress we have made so far along our health and engagement journey and continue to strive to constantly improve and grow to make FBV a great place to work every day!