Zuellig Pharma is the largest healthcare services group in Asia. We provide world-class distribution, digital solutions and commercial services to support the growing healthcare needs in this region. The company was started almost a hundred years ago and has grown to become a US$10 bn business covering 13 markets in Asia with over 10,000 employees.

Zuellig Pharma Taiwan started our operations in 1988. Today, we are the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare services company in Taiwan. Our purpose is to make healthcare more accessible. With sales exceeding NT$70 billion, we employ a team comprising over 800 individuals to serve over 25,000 direct accounts including clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and other medical facilities in Taiwan. We also work with over 100 principals, including the top pharmaceutical companies in the world such as Abbott, GSK, MSD, Novartis, Pfizer and Roche.

We are committed to creating an environment that attracts, motivates and develops the best people in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We pursue excellence, innovation and professionalism in customer service and provide our principals with a range of value-added services. Utilizing Zuellig Pharma Asia Pacific’s advanced information technology tools enables us to provide transparency in our business operations while the company’s region-wide quality standards ensure high performance in serving both our principals and customers.

As Taiwan grows, we need talent from all backgrounds to collaborate and solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare like increasing costs, improving health outcomes, and data management.

In 2015, Zuellig Pharma embarked on a 5-year journey to transform the way we make healthcare more accessible in Taiwan. This change saw shifts in our structure, our services and correspondingly, the different types of talent we require to drive this change.

Our HR strategy had to support this change and requirement for greater diversity in our organisation, so we launched a One Team approach that was focused on building a united and high performing team.

We believe in managing careers, not jobs. This mantra underpins our performance development framework that includes Individual Development Plans and 8 Quarter Plans, where selected talent have career development profiles that start with a realistic view of their current capabilities and a roadmap to realise their aspirations for the future.

With changes also come new opportunities for development and through our Zuellig Pharma Mobility Programme, we work with our talents to successfully place them in roles that give them exposure to other countries, functions and business units.

As we continue to manage our diverse, multi-generational team, one of the key strengths is in our desire to mentor talent. We run in-house training that teaches coaching skills, team collaboration, leading performance as well as how to be an effective manager.

We have region-wide training programmes like the Young Talent Programme and Advanced Management Programme that creates opportunities for employees to be mentored by Executive Team members and Department Heads. Our e-Learning Platform provides free certification programmes and relevant courses for free to all our employees.

We believe in developing our people at every stage of their career, which is why we developed a vigorous talent management framework to grow our home-grown leaders. This program sharpens the leadership, management and operational excellence skills of our high potential and senior talent with incentives tied to team performance. John Chou, Chief Executive of Zuellig Pharma Taiwan said that “We are looking forward to combining employee development with company objectives. We would like to recommend great talents from Taiwan to Asia.”

Despite going through a time of change, our business-wide Sustainable Employee Engagement Score continues to improve by 4% year on year since 2013. Through various focus groups and the Employee Opinion Survey, we know that most of our employees are here because they are highly connected to our purpose to make healthcare more accessible. This belief that we are doing meaningful work every day, no matter what our role, is the driving force behind our improving levels of engagement.

Our leaders are big believers in transparent and frequent communications. We engage our talent through town halls, conferences and informal sessions that keeps everyone motivated to push ahead with our transformation strategy. We also have a monthly region-wide internal newsletter that goes out to all employees, where we hear directly from the CEO and are updated on success stories from the region – connecting everyone across geographies and agendas.

Our reputation as a partner that values quality and conducts itself with integrity has been the cornerstone to our success. In fact, around 80% of employees agree that Zuellig Pharma conducts its business activities with honesty and integrity. This is something that we are proud to say is true of the way we act internally as well. Our Code of Conduct is also committed to developing a culture of openness to ensure the highest standards of probity and accountability through a “Speaking Up” Policy. We have also designed channels to ensure that employees raise serious concerns without fear of retaliation, discrimination or any forms of harassment.

In Taiwan, over the past few years, Zuellig Pharma has also partnered with organisations like the After School For Fun, Andrew Charity Association, and Taipei Blood Center with opportunities for employees to volunteer to show support to children and patients through both financial and time commitments.
Jason Chen, Human Resources Director, Zuellig Pharma Taiwan said that “We are looking for people with same objectives to join Zuellig Pharma. We wish a high level of employee engagement and growth with the company.”